Christina Aguilera Explains Why She Quit ‘The Voice,’ Says Blake & Gwen Are ‘Cute’

Christopher PolkGetty Images

Christina Aguilera has been away from The Voice for almost two years now. Each season, there is speculation about whether or not the original coach would return to her chair and fight for someone she believed in. As it turns out, that will not be the case moving forward.

There have been rumors swirling that Christina Aguilera decided to leave The Voice after feuding with Gwen Stefani. The Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani relationship seemingly came out of working closely together, and it also happened to be around the same time Aguilera decided to take a step back. According to E! Online, Christina Aguilera decided not to return at all, but it wasn’t because of any single person. She even called the way Stefani and Shelton found love “cute.”

Revealing that she wouldn’t ever return to The Voice wasn’t shocking for Christina Aguilera fans. After being away nearly two years, the hope had faded away. Aguilera talked about some of what prompted her decision to leave for good. She mentioned the blind auditions being one of the reasons that sold her on The Voice, and that element had become less appealing after so many seasons. Christina says she was a champion behind the scenes advocating for another female judge, but the showrunners didn’t believe the demographic wanted it.

Moving forward has been important to Christina Aguilera. She compared her final seasons on The Voice to a place in her career where she was uncomfortable, just before her second album. Aguilera doesn’t want to conform or be told what to do. She was taking time away from her children to work, but not living her best life. It was something that weighed heavily on the former judge.

Now that Christina Aguilera has confirmed that she didn’t quit The Voice because of Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani, fans can move on. She will not be returning to the show as a judge at all anymore. That part of her life has been closed, and Aguilera is moving on from it. Some things are only meant for a short while and that is exactly what The Voice was for the singer.