Remains Of Lindsey Baum, 10-Year-Old Who Vanished In 2009, Have Been Located

After 10 years of searching, the family of Lindsey Baum finally have some form of closure as the remains of the missing 10-year-old have been located.

According to the Washington Post, Lindsey Baum was somewhere within the four blocks of her home and her friend’s house when she disappeared without a trace. From the time the 10-year-old went missing, hundreds of cadaver dogs, volunteers, and law enforcement officers repeatedly searched the small town for any sign of Lindsey Baum. While thousands of dollars were compensated for tips over the years, nothing came remotely close to locating the child.

While the search for Lindsey Baum of McCleary, Washington, has finally ended – a new search is just beginning as the family and officials begin to search for who is responsible for the death of this child.

It was in September of last year that hunters located human remains. The remains were transported to a lab belonging to the FBI in Virginia for DNA testing. After several months of testing, Grays Harbor County Sheriff Rick Scott – who played a role in the investigation since the 10-year-old went missing nearly 10 years ago – announced the remains were confirmed to be Lindsey.

“I’m here today to share with you that we’ve brought Lindsey home. Sadly, she was not recovered as we and her family had hoped and prayed these last nine years.”

Officials believe someone kidnapped Lindsey somewhere in that four-block radius of her home and her friends home before later taking her life. Officials have yet to reveal any information regarding how the child died or when the child died. So, it is still unclear how much time passed between the time Lindsey went missing and the time she passed away.

“For the last nine years, we’ve not been able to say definitively what this was beyond it was a missing child. Certainly, the prayers and hopes of the family is that we would someday find her alive and bring her home. Now, the reality is we need to find a homicide suspect.”

At this point in time, Scott decided not to share the exact location of the remains. He noted that they found her remains in a remote area seasonally visited by hunters. He also declined to answer questions regarding why investigators now believe someone killed the child. At this time, outlets can only speculate this theory is based on the condition the remains were found in.

According to the Kittitas County sheriff’s office, the girls’ remains were located by hunters in a very steep area that is heavily timbered with deep ravines and huge cliffs. Officials have spent the weekend searching the area for any evidence they could link to the death of the missing 10-year-old.