Horror Movies On Netflix To Get You Ready, Or Scared, For Summer: ‘Piranha’ And ‘Zombeavers’

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Summer is creeping up on us, and Netflix has a pair of horror movies to fit the occasion. Sometimes we search for horror movies on Netflix that deliver a strong message, characters with great depth, or a slow-burn chiller that will stick to you long after the credits, but that’s not what you’re going to get with this pair (if you’re looking for that, then take a gander at It Follows). These featured films are all about fun, and after all, that’s the reason many fans were drawn to the genre in the first place.


Nothing says summer, or spring break in this story, like a lake party, wild boat rides, wet t-shirt contests, and an abundant supply of alcohol. But just leave it to a bunch of prehistoric piranhas to ruin a good time. There are numerous piranha-themed horror films, but none are as fun as this one.

Directed by horror maestro Alexandre Aja, the featured cast includes Elisabeth Shue, Jerry O’Connell, Adam Scott, Steven R. McQueen, Ving Rhames, Kelly Brook, and Jessica Szohr. In addition, it features appearances from Eli Roth, Christopher Lloyd, Paul Scheer, and Richard Dreyfuss reprises his role as Matt Hooper, because he was paid a lot of money.

If you have seen the 3D presentation, then you already know what a blast this movie is. We’ll have to settle for the 2D version on Netflix, but it still packs quite a punch. Clearly, this feature could have been really bad, but the filmmakers and cast pulled it off.

Poster of Piranha, one of the funniest horror movies on Netflix.
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You can probably guess at the premise for this story, but Rotten Tomatoes provides the official synopsis for one of the wildest horror movies on Netflix.

“After a sudden underwater tremor sets free scores of the prehistoric man-eating fish, an unlikely group of strangers must band together to stop themselves from becoming fish food for the area’s new razor-toothed residents.”

Jerry O’Connell portrays the owner of a Girls-Gone-Wild-like company who is filming his next release during a spring break party, and he’s absolutely hilarious. His character doesn’t leave a lot to be desired, but don’t worry, the horror genre usually has a way of taking care of that. Adam Scott brings his usual charm to the screen, and Elisabeth Shue always delivers.

This is a horror-comedy, but it doesn’t go too over-the-top into full-on satire. Crudity and impenitent nudity aside, there are some genuinely suspenseful scenes with a few jump-scare moments thanks to our man-eating monsters. And Netflix viewers are likely to be invested in Shue’s character and her family, which certainly increases the intensity of certain scenes. But at the end of the day, this outrageous horror flick is simply fun.


Sticking with the theme of lake parties gone wrong, get ready for a horror film that has the makings of becoming a true cult classic. The opening scene features Bill Burr, so you know this is going to be a good time.

Three young women venture to a remote cabin on the lake to unplug for the weekend. Their vacation takes a turn when their boyfriends crash the party, and even worse, a hungry bear and a mysterious hunter are lurking in the shadows. But even worse than all of that, a local chemical spill has transformed a horde of beavers into zombie-like creatures (maybe pool parties are the way to go this summer?).

Like the above-mentioned film, this also could have been a failed entry into the horror genre. But director Jordan Rubin, along with the cast, makes this ludicrous story work. The female leads—Rachel Melvin (Mom and Dad), Cortney Palm (Silent Night), and Lexi Atkins (The Boy Next Door)—have on-screen chemistry together that feels very natural. Their witty banter makes for a good time in-between all the chaos.

Poster of Zombeavers, one of the funniest horror movies on Netflix.
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This horror flick doesn’t take itself too seriously (as clearly displayed by the title), but it is still effective in dishing out a few thrills. The evil beavers and the surrounding happenings are likely to make you laugh, cringe, and even jump, and often, all at the same time. The Netflix feature doesn’t even hit the 90-minute mark, and it’s a fast-paced thrill-ride from beginning to end.

Shockingly, the ending is one that most Netflix viewers will probably not predict. This horror gem also features a couple of funny outtakes, and make sure to keep the credits rolling; not only will you be swooned by Nick Amado crooning the Zombeavers theme (yeah, that’s a thing), but there is a post-credits scene to look forward to.

Photo of Bill Burr in one of the funniest horror movies on Netflix, Zombeavers.
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Piranha and Zombeavers are two of the most entertaining horror movies on Netflix, and it will likely put you in the mood for the summertime (or serve as a warning for lake parties).