Horror Movies 2018 On Netflix: Sink Your Teeth Into ‘Family Blood’

After a limited theatrical release in March 2018, Family Blood is one of the newest horror movies to recently hit Netflix. With titles like The Open House and Day of the Dead: Bloodline, horror movies of 2018 on Netflix leave a lot to be desired. But Family Blood is a welcomed addition to the site, and it rises above most recent titles made in a similar vein.

Blumhouse has given us a nice collection of horror movies through the years, and this addition fits in nicely. Directed by Sonny Mallhi (executive producer, The Strangers), This dramatic horror feature stars Vinessa Shaw (3:10 to Yuma), James Ransone (Sinister), Colin Ford (Supernatural), and Eloise Lushina (Break My Bones).

This Netflix gem starts off with a bang right away, and it reveals the subject matter within minutes. We see a young woman petrified, wandering her home and crying out for her family, and then a mysterious man appears. He warns the girl to not look in the closet but (of course) she does. There she sees the slaughtered remains of her loved ones, and she turns to face the mysterious figure and holds up a crucifix. And to not spoil all the fun, the rest of the scene is best left untold.

The film’s intensity then lessens for the rest of the first act. The story swiftly shifts to Ellie (Shaw), a recovering pill addict and mother of two teenagers, Kyle (Ford) and Amy (Lushina). Ellie recently moved to a new city where she meets a friend, Christopher, at a meeting. But Christopher’s addiction is different than hers, and their friendship starts to take a turn.

The first act focuses on building depth of the main characters. The film takes its time for the first half-hour, building on the drama, and this pays off for the rest of the film; when the second act picks up the pace, the viewers are fully invested. A nice twist is soon revealed, and the suspense really starts to build.

This is one of those horror movies that when the scares hit, they hit with unbridled intensity. By the time the third part comes about, the movie is filled with genuine suspense, splatter gore, a few jump-scare scenes, and a dramatic plot that will have Netflix subscribers guessing at the resolution. At first, the climax seems to overstay its welcome, but by the time the credits roll, it all comes together nicely.

Sonny Mallhi also co-wrote this Netflix feature, alongside Nick Savvides, and the two created a unique tale within a common subgenre of horror. The cast all delivered, and Vinessa Shaw and Eloise Lushina give standout performances. That’s not to say the Netflix feature isn’t without its faults, but those are minor compared to the achievements of this horror treat.

Photo of Family Blood, one of the newest horror movies 2018 on Netflix.

With a fresh story, great performances, and entertaining delivery, Family Blood is one of the most compelling horror movies on Netflix.