Pauley Perrette & Mark Harmon Feud Reportedly Led To Her ‘NCIS’ Departure

Todd WilliamsonAP Images

After 15 seasons on NCIS, Pauley Perrette has said goodbye and an ongoing battle with co-star Mark Harmon is said to be the primary reason for her departure. The core of the feud is said to surround Harmon’s dog, a Pitbull named Dave who bit someone on the NCIS set back is 2016. Harmon had promised not to bring the dog back on the set again, but this season he reportedly had to, and Perrette wasn’t having it.

RadarOnline said that a fight over Dave the Pitbull was the final straw for Pauley Perrette, who didn’t want to listen to Mark Harmon when he tried to explain why the dog was back on the NCIS set after a promise not to bring him following an NCIS employee’s wound involved stitches.

“Mark was obviously horrified and made sure that Dave went through re-training and was frequently checked by his vet. Despite this, Mark made the decision to not bring Dave back to the set.”

Harmon brought the dog back on the set because they were on an 18-hour shoot and he had nobody to watch Dave at home. Harmon kept the dog in his trailer for most of the day, which was okay with most of the NCIS cast, but that was not okay with Pauley Perrette.

Insiders claim that Perrette raged at Harmon when he brought the Pitbull back to the NCIS set, not allowing Harmon to explain himself.

“After that Pauley just lost it and starting shouting at Mark. She said that he should never have adopted a Pitbull in the first place.”

The argument between Pauley Perrette and Mark Harmon on the NCIS set reportedly ignited a whole new level of diva behavior in Perrette on the set of NCIS.

“She refused to shoot scenes with Mark and she refused to sit on the same side of the table as him at table reads. She even completely ignored him any time he tried to make amends.”

Another factor in the departure of Pauley Perrette was the death of showrunner Gary Glasberg, which was said to be heartbreaking to the NCIS actress. But Perrette stressed that it was only fair that she felt safe at work, and with Harmon’s dog there, she felt her safety was at risk.

“She doesn’t feel safe on set and she doesn’t want to be around his dog. Pauley doesn’t agree with it. She doesn’t think it’s right for Mark to expose anyone else to a possible attack.”

People Magazine confirmed that Pauley Perrette is a dog-lover, and says that one of the reasons for her departure was to spend more time with her own dogs. Perrette said she did what she could to give everyone on NCIS plenty of warning before she left.

Pauley Perrette said she is looking forward to some downtime and relaxation. She joked she was just going to chill with her dogs.

“I’m just going to be sitting here doing what I do best and drinking beers with my dogs on the couch, but the dogs don’t drink because they’re not 21.”