‘Days Of Our Lives’ May 10 Episode: Vivian Dies, Abby’s Confession, & Will Shocked By Dr. Rolf’s Diary [Recap]

On Thursday’s, May 10 episode of Days of Our Lives, several surprising plot changes were revealed. Will received Dr. Rolf’s diary, Abby made a full confession to the Salem PD, and longtime character Vivian Alamain died due to the gunshot wound she sustained.

On today’s show, Roger, aka Elvis, made an unexpected appearance in Will’s room. Will was taken aback by the surprise visitor but eventually got around to asking about Susan. Roger claimed that Susan was still the same and wanted desperately to see Will, who then reiterated his reasons for staying away.

Will introduced Paul to Roger as his boyfriend. Roger was elated for them and their happiness together, stating that he was glad Will could be who he really is.

Roger told Will that he had received his message regarding Dr. Rolf. When asking Susan about Rolf only caused an uproar, Roger went through his wife’s belongings and produced a diary that he handed off to Will. Being the reporter, Roger trusted that Will could separate the fact from the fiction.

Paul laid in bed next to Will while they read the diary together. The two discovered that Rolf’s ego was out of control. The diary mentioned Princess Gina and Dr. Rolf’s success at making a carbon copy of Marlena.

One thing was certainly made clear in the diaries: Dr. Wilhelm Rolf worshiped Stefano. One entry was as follows.

“My mission in life is to serve this great man, this true visionary of our time.”

Rolf wrote that he has done the impossible by bringing John Black back to life. Wilhelm wrote that when he and Susan first came across Will, they thought that he was dead. Upon realizing that he was alive and stable, they injected him with a serum that made everyone believe he was dead. At the morgue, Rolf plunged a syringe into Will’s chest and Will drew in a deep breath.

Will was frustrated that he didn’t find the formula of the serum that could have saved the lives and loves of so many people. They did, however, learn that there may be other people from Salem that have been, or will be, brought back from the dead.

At the Salem PD, Abby gave Hope a long-awaited confession. This week on Days of Our Lives, Abby has been connecting the dots in regard to Andre’s murder and her split personalities. When Abby found out that Gabi was sitting in prison for a crime that she didn’t commit, she felt she needed to do everything in her power to get her released.

While sitting in the interrogation room, waiting for Hope to speak to Marlena, Abby asked Chad about her alternate personality “Gabigail’s” relationship with Stefan. She could feel that there was some sort of romantic connection between the two but didn’t understand the extent of it. Chad became distraught and refused to answer her. Days fans wonder how long Chad can hide the fact that Abby slept with Stefan.

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On Thursday’s episode of Days of Our Lives, Kate and Vivian were up to their necks in an argument. Kate recently found out all of Vivian’s dirty secrets. As a result, Vivian offered to cut Kate in on her plan to take down Victor and Titan Enterprises. When Kate denied Vivian’s offer, Vivian pulled out a gun and pointed it directly at Kate.

The two women began to struggle over the gun and as a result, Vivian suffered very serious injuries. Stefan heard the gunshot and ran into the room. He saw Kate standing over his mother’s body with the gun in her hand. Kate called for an ambulance and Vivian was taken into surgery upon arriving at the hospital.

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Kayla operated and did the most that she could for Vivian, however, she had lost too much blood and was pronounced dead. Stefan was allowed to say his final goodbyes to his mother. He grasped her hand and vowed to avenge her death and make Kate pay, which in true Days fashion, Kate overheard while standing in the doorway.

Thursday’s episode of Days of Our Lives ended with Vivian in the morgue. They showed the hands of a medical assistant injecting Vivian’s body with some sort of liquid. Viewers of the show know that the actress who plays Vivian is retiring, however, they can’t help but wonder if the writers are leaving the possibility for a character revival open.