‘Getaway Donkey’ Foils Robbery After Braying Alerts Police

A braying “getaway donkey” foiled a recent robbery in Colombia when the noise alerted area authorities.

Three men intended to use the animal as a means to escape the scene of a recent crime. According to MSN, the trio forced the poor creature to carry rum, sardines, rice, and an assortment of other items the group had allegedly stolen from a local convenience store.

The donkey, which had been stolen from its owner a day before the incident took place, began braying at the top of its lungs. To make matters worse, the creature also refused to move. When they were unable to get the animal to stop making so much noise, the thieves decided to cut their loses and run.

The Independent reports that Juan de Acosta found the 10-year-old donkey loaded down with the trio’s stolen merchandise. All of the items were returned to the store.

Xavi the donkey remained in police custody for nearly 12 hours until the owner showed up to him. Outside of being annoyed and mishandled, the animal was unharmed during its stint as a getaway vehicle.

According to The Telegraph, the thieves gained entry to the convenience store through the roof. Fabio Orozco said the bandits made off with quite a bit of his goods.

He said:

“They came through the roof to rob. They took rum, rice, everything.”

Although using a donkey is perhaps the strangest method of escape encountered in recent memory, a Florida man encountered a problem with his getaway vehicle during a botched robbery last August.

According to The Tampa Bay Times, a man lifted a 32-inch television set from a store and attempted to transport the item home. Instead of loading the TV into a car, the man strapped it to the back of his bicycle and pedaled off. It didn’t take long for police to catch up with the culprit.

What do you think about the donkey used as a getaway vehicle?