'Tiger And Bunny' Movie A Live-Action Hollywood Reboot - Where Is The Anime 'Tiger & Bunny' Season 2?

Bandai Namco Pictures has officially announced that the live-action Hollywood adaptation of anime studio Sunrise's Tiger & Bunny will be produced through a partnership with Global Road Entertainment and Weed Road Pictures. The live-action Tiger And Bunny movie script is being written by Ellen Shanman and produced by Imagine Entertainment's Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, and Erica Huggins; Bandai Namco Pictures' Masayuki Ozaki; and Weed Road Pictures' Akiva Goldsman.

"After a long voyage, we have finally reached new ground. We are determined to live up to our supporters' and fans' expectations and bring this exciting project to life," said Bandai Namco's Masayuki Ozaki.

Global Road Entertainment was formed in 2017 as the merger between IM Global and Open Road Films, both of which were acquired by Tang Media Partners. The new company announced that it will be spending around $1 billion USD on movie productions during the next three years. Variety reports that by 2020 the company is hoping to produce between 15 to 20 movies per year for release in the U.S. and Canada.

That means the production budget for the live-action Tiger And Bunny movie will be somewhere between $20 million to $100 million. To put those numbers in perspective, many live-action anime adaptations are terrible precisely because the overall movie budget is lower than some American TV shows.

"Even major productions like Attack on Titan are worse than a low-budget American TV show. Is this not embarrassing?" said producer Adam Torel, according to Japan Today. "Among Asian films South Korea and China have been hard at work. On the other hand, Japan has been steadily lowering the bar. Japanese cinema used to be the most highly regarded in Asia, but now South Korea, China, Taiwan, and Thailand have been stealing their thunder. The quality of Japanese movies is really low. I've come to hate them."

Hopefully, the Tiger & Bunny movie will be one of the first live-action adaptations to change that impression and not another Ghost In The Shell.

Tiger & Bunny Season 2 Announcement Coming Soon In 2018?

The Tiger & Bunny anime first made its debut in 2011 under director Keiichi Satou with two cours composed of 25 episodes. As such, some Western fans may refer to any eventual anime sequel as the third season, but by Japanese standards, it's Tiger & Bunny Season 2.

The 2012 Tiger & Bunny The Movie: The Beginning was simply a recap of the first several episodes that ended with an original story. The 2014 Tiger & Bunny The Movie: The Rising was a true sequel that showed what happened to Barnaby and Tiger after the events of the first season.

Since 2015, there have been multiple news reports that seemed to tease that Tiger And Bunny Season 2 was coming. Former directors discussed the project and even Hirata Productions, the voice talent company managed by Tiger voice actor Hiroki Hirata, was tweeting about a future project that apparently involved the voice talents from the anime series.

Plus, as can be seen above, the official Tiger & Bunny Twitter page literally says that more news is coming soon.

"New Tiger & Bunny anime series project started! We announced that the long-awaited new series is being planned. The next report will be announced on the official website and Twitter," says the still pinned tweet from January.

In 2018, Sunrise announced the Double Decker! Doug & Kirill anime as being just "one of Tiger & Bunny new animation series projects." The studio teased fans by telling them to "look forward to the next report" and notably Hirata was not part of the voice cast so it's possible he'll be part of the next announced project. Considering that the live-action Tiger & Bunny movie is starting to come together, it could mean that Tiger And Bunny Season 2 will be announced sometime in the near future.