Thirst Drives Starbucks Robber To Settle For Coffee Over Cash


Huntsville, AL – A man was arrested by authorities after attempting to rob an area Starbucks. Instead of cash, the suspect reportedly accepted something to quench his thirst.

Phillip Sawdey was allegedly after some cash when he attempted to rob the Alabama Starbucks on Sunday morning. According to AOL News, the individuals entered the restaurant and demanded that the woman behind the counter clean out the register.

However, the employee explained to the would-be robber that she was unable to open her register at the man’s request. Instead of giving him money, the worker offered the suspect a cup of coffee. Sawdey took the beverage and left the premises.

WAFF reports that the suspect wasn’t too far away from the location he attempted to rob when police arrived on the scene. Sawdey was found in the parking lot quenching his thirst with the free cup of coffee he’d just received.

The robber was arrested by Huntsville police and charged with robbery.

Unfortunately for the company, Starbucks appears to be a frequent target of those looking for some easy money. According to WWLP, a man attempted to rob a Springfield, Massachusetts Starbucks last Wednesday.

Police said that a man wearing a white hoodie and a jean jacket gave the cashier a note which demanded all of the money from the register. After receiving a small amount of cash, the robber reportedly stole the tip jar before heading out the door.

The Orange County Register explains that yet another man was arrested in connection with the armed robbery of a Starbucks location in California. In this particular instance, the man suspect reportedly wore a gas mask during the incident. The individual is also believed to have robbed a yogurt shop in the same shopping center.

What do you think about the thirsty Starbucks robber who decided to take a cup of coffee instead of cash?