‘Young And Restless’ May 7 Recap: Sharon Deflects, Devon Learns Hilary Lied, And Kyle’s Sneaking Continues

Sonja FlemmingCBS

Secrets have been swirling throughout Genoa City and the Monday, May 7 episode of The Young and the Restless contained some enticing progress. Sharon’s determined to keep Nick from learning the truth about JT’s disappearance while Hilary is scrambling when it comes to her desire to be pregnant. Kyle is conniving with Victor behind his father Jack’s back, and it looks like the Abbott paternity secret may rock Genoa City soon.

During the May 7 episode, Nick pushed Sharon for additional details about the night JT disappeared. As SheKnows Soaps detailed, Sharon dodged every question, using every trick she could think of to avoid revealing the truth. She accused Nick of hurting her feelings and projecting his anxieties, and after Nick accused her of repeatedly lying to him and questioned her coziness with Phyllis and Victoria, she brought up his past infidelities.

Sharon pulled out all of the stops, telling Nick that he’s always trying to rescue people. Things got heated, and after she took a break, Nick said he knew that she’d been doing her best to deflect. Rather than tell her ex-husband the truth, she told him that she wanted to be with them and the two kissed.

Hilary decided to use Devon’s sperm sample to try to achieve her pregnancy dreams, but her plan hit a snag when Devon showed up at the doctor’s office for her insemination appointment. Devon insisted he wanted to be by her side for everything, and Hilary’s scheme was exposed when the doctor unwittingly said just enough for Devon to pick up on the fact that Hilary wasn’t actually pregnant.

While this could have been an explosive moment between these Young and Restless characters, things went in a different direction. Hilary tearfully explained to Devon that she’d been thrilled when she thought she was pregnant, but it turned out she wasn’t and she promised never to lie to him again. Devon said he believed her and he told her to go ahead with the insemination. He admitted that this would likely torpedo his romance with Simone, but Devon said becoming a father was his priority, and he insisted that they were in this process together.

Kyle has been scheming with Victor to bring down Jack, and he detailed during Monday’s Young and Restless that the Dina video was the key to success. Victor was skeptical, but he encouraged Kyle to keep working on it. Later, Jack and Abby talked about Dina and the video screening. Jack noted that he’s been pleased to see Kyle spending so much time with his grandmother, anxious to see his son recommit to the family.

Charlie brought the finished video over and Jack got emotional as he watched it with Kyle by his side. Jack spoke about wanting to come together as a family and he thanked his son for connecting to Dina. Kyle admitted that it’s been a meaningful experience for him and while Jack didn’t pick up on it, Kyle’s body language made it obvious that he’s got plans to shake things up when it comes to the screening event.

The Young and the Restless spoilers hint that there are big things on the way this week. How will Nick react when he realizes what Sharon’s been hiding? Are Hilary and Devon destined to be together? How far will Kyle go to get what he wants? It’s going to be a wild week in Genoa City and fans will not want to miss what comes next.