Carnival Cruise Passengers Experience Real-Life Nightmare After Water Line Breaks On Ship

Lynne SladkyAP Images

Passengers on a Carnival Cruise trip to Cozumel were shocked when a burst pipe flooded a hallway with water. The flood on the Carnival Dream displaced more than 50 cabins of passengers who needed to find somewhere else to sleep while waiting to reach the port. Various Carnival passengers have reached out to friends and family through social media to tell them they are unhurt but had panicked after seeing the rush of water moving through the hallway.

The Fire Suppression System On The Carnival Dream Sprung A Leak

Many Carnival passengers thought that the pool had perhaps sprung a leak and was draining into the cabin area, but instead, it was a break in the Carnival Dream’s fire suppression system that caused thousands of gallons of water to rush down into the cabin area on level nine, says Daily Mail.

One Carnival passenger, Marla Haase, asked friends and family to keep her in their thoughts through a Facebook post. “Pray for us all,” she posted.

Haase took a video of water rushing down the hallway, taking with it people’s belongings as well as dishes and glassware.

“Um…. FB folks… this is a rare moment of internet connection… we are flooding on a cruise.”

One Passenger Took A Video To Show What Looked Like A Titanic Scene

Haase compared the flooding she videotaped on the Carnival Dream to the scene in the movie Titanic where passengers rushed to decamp after the ship hit an iceberg. Haase alluded to the scene where the band continued to play as the ship sank.

“We heard the violins and the silverware all came crashing down. What in the world… say a prayer for (us) all.”

Marla Haase added that her brother in law’s c-pap sleep breathing machine was submerged in water and caught on fire when he tried to use it. Sadly, because of power outages, the fire alarm did not go off to alert Carnival passengers.

“Mark Haase – brother-n-law – laid down, put in c-pap machine on, started to fall asleep and it caught on fire! The transformer was submerged in water too long so medical folks on board checked it out and said it was fine… thankfully we were not asleep when it went up in flames. No alarms went off again.”

Carnival Cruise Lines Is Offering A Refund To All Passengers Affected By The Flooding

Carnival Cruise Lines released a statement to apologize for any inconvenience the flooding might have caused, says NOLA. Everyone on the flooded floors will receive a refund and a voucher for 50 percent off on another cruise with Carnival. Carnival acknowledges that the flood started at 6 p.m. on Thursday, May 3, on passenger Deck 9.

“We appreciate our guests’ understanding and sincerely apologize. We also thank our crew members for their quick action and hard work.”

The Carnival Dream, which is docked out of New Orleans, was just rehabbed in 2017. Carnival Cruise Lines say at this time they don’t expect any cruises to be canceled, but they will need to replace all of the carpets on Deck 9 which were saturated by the rush of water.