‘Roseanne’ Spoilers: Roseanne Reveals A Shocking Secret, Becky & Darlene Fight Over A Job

Adam RoseABC

The Roseanne revival is quickly coming to the end of its groundbreaking tenth season. The show returned decades after going off the air and has delighted fans with brand new episodes. While there have already been some powerful moments, next week’s episode is sure to hit home for many viewers.

According to Spoiler TV, Episode 8 of the Roseanne revival is titled “Netflix & Pill.” The episode will feature some big moments for the Conner family, including Dan (John Goodman) and Roseanne’s (Roseanne Barr) 45th-anniversary celebration. Viewers will see the family come together to honor the couple at a special dinner, but after the celebration, Roseanne will have some big news to share with her husband regarding her bad knee.

According to a previous report by the Inquisitr, spoilers for the Roseanne revival have already revealed that one member of the family will be dealing with an addiction, and it seems that person could be Roseanne herself. Fans have watched the Conner family matriarch deal with knee pain throughout the season, and she even made a joke calling her painkillers her “babies.” This could be pointing to Roseanne admitting she’s becoming addicted to the pills that help reduce her chronic knee pain.

Meanwhile, Becky and Darlene will continue their funny sibling rivalry and banter when they compete against each other for a job. According to the official synopsis for the episode, Roseanne’s old friend, Crystal, will reveal that she is retiring from her job as a waitress at the casino, and both Becky and Darlene will want the job, which includes a full benefits package.

As Roseanne viewers know, both Becky and Darlene have been struggling financially. Becky was rocked by the death of her husband, Mark, and is now living in a small apartment and working as a waitress at a Mexican restaurant. Meanwhile, Darlene lost her job and was forced to move back in with Dan and Roseanne. Darlene’s husband, David (Johnny Galecki) is no help with the couple’s two children and Darlene is forced to do it all alone.

The newest episode of the Roseanne revival will set up for the show’s season finale. However, the show has been renewed for another season, and fans are hoping to dive into more of what the characters have been doing in the past twenty years in upcoming episodes.