‘Young And Restless’ Recap For May 3: The Ladies Form A New Plan, Kyle Edges Closer To Sharing What He Knows

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Things are getting increasingly complicated for Victoria, Nikki, Phyllis, and Sharon when it comes to JT’s death and the coverup they orchestrated. The last that Young and Restless viewers saw, Vikki told her mother that she was going to go to the police and confess to killing her ex-husband. Where did things go from there in the episode that aired on Thursday, May 3?

As The Young and the Restless viewers saw on Thursday, Nikki wasted no time in reaching out to Sharon and Phyllis after Victoria said she was ready to confess. SheKnows Soaps notes that Victoria shared a tentative plan she’d come up with that included telling Paul that she was alone with JT when he confessed to what happened with Victor. She said that she’d claim that he lunged at her with the fireplace poker and died after a struggle. Vikki added that she’d then tell Paul that she managed to get JT to Chancellor Park where she buried him.

It didn’t take long for the other ladies to point out the problems with Vikki’s tale. Phyllis says that this would set Christine up to have a field day with locking all of them up and Sharon admitted that she agreed with Phyllis. Sharon insisted that she was not the weak link in this group and she maintained that she’d keep it all together. Sharon also told the others that they need to support and lean on one another, insisting they cannot let JT manipulate them from beyond.

The talk did seem to have an impact on Victoria, as she said she wouldn’t be a victim of her ex-husband any longer. Vikki left, but Phyllis wasn’t entirely convinced that everything had been resolved. Later, Phyllis and Sharon reconnected at Crimson Lights and admitted they felt unsure of what Vikki would do next. Phyllis decided to track her down, and she got to Victoria just in time.

Vikki had written a note to Victor and Nikki telling them she was sorry, making it clear that she intended to confess after all. Phyllis worked on talking her out of it again, and Nikki soon showed up to do more of the same. Soon the ladies decided that Vikki should leave town for a bit, and they determined that Phyllis will go with her, telling others that they were headed off to a convention together.

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Kyle is back in Genoa City and anxious to shake things up, and he has the ammunition he needs thanks to the big secret Dina recently revealed about Jack. Kyle hasn’t utilized what he learned yet, but he’s growing increasing tempted, and a discussion with Victor during Thursday’s Young and Restless showed that he may not be able to resist much longer.

Victor, of course, is expertly needling Kyle to further drive a wedge between his nemesis Jack and his son. Billy happened to encounter Kyle and Victor as they were meeting at the Club and Young and Restless viewers suspect that the animosity between the uncle and nephew might ultimately be the catalyst to push Kyle to make a big move.

Victor asked Kyle if he had what it takes to play with the grown-ups after Kyle claimed to have a powerful weapon that could destroy Jack. Will Kyle really play the card he has about Jack’s paternity?

Thursday’s Young and Restless episode also showed Charlie talking with Neil about Alzheimer’s and Dina as Charlie worked on the interview. Right now, what Dina shared on video has been kept relatively well hidden, but it seems likely that it’s just a matter of time before others find out, and this secret will rock Genoa City.

The women may have agreed that getting Victoria out of town for a bit was a good next step, but that won’t resolve their overall issues when it comes to JT’s death. How will the truth emerge? Will Kyle manage to get what he wants or will he come to regret aligning with Victor against Jack? The Young and the Restless spoilers indicate that things are going to get crazy as these storylines progress and viewers won’t want to miss any of the action.