‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nina Questions Peter’s Interest In Nathan

David LivingstonGetty Images

Nina is more curious than ever on General Hospital as to what Peter August is up to. She has hired Curtis to dig something up on him so she can make sure he doesn’t have any evil intentions toward Maxie and the baby she is carrying. So far, he hasn’t found much of anything, except for the folder on Maxie’s deceased husband, and Peter’s brother, Nathan West. Nina wants to know why he has that in his possession. Spoilers by SheKnows Soaps indicates that she is not going to stop until she finds out and will have Curtis do some more digging.

Maxie and Peter are growing closer every day, which makes Nina even more nervous. The General Hospital previews for Thursday has her asking Valentin why Peter has so much information on Nathan. Of course, Valentin is certainly not innocent, despite how much he tries to fake it. He knows Peter/Henrik very well. He is getting nervous that someone will find out. This may cause him to take drastic measures so no one finds out his close connection to this whole thing.

General Hospital viewers know that Nathan was Peter’s half-brother. He apparently only found that out right before Nathan was supposedly killed by Faison. Is this his way of getting to know his brother? Nina had also mentioned to Curtis that maybe the photos that he found in Peter’s office was because he was putting together a memory book for Maxie. After all, he didn’t really hide it that well to begin with. Nina will not stop until she finds out the truth.

Also on Thursday, Maxie will pay a visit to Peter at Aurora, questioning why someone would anonymously set up a fund in Nathan’s honor. There are so many questions being fired at Peter and Valentin that they are both getting a bit anxious about being exposed. This whole thing is about to blow up Port Charles and when it does, there are many lives that will be affected.

Valentin stands to lose his life with Nina, and Peter stands to lose the new life that he has built in Port Charles, especially Maxie’s friendship. May sweeps promises the reveal of Henrik Faison and the fallout will be fierce. These men have played with fire, and they may both get burned when this all plays out this month.

Who will be the one to expose who Peter August really is? It could be Anna, Jason, Nina, Robert, Curtis, Lulu, or even Maxie. Keep watching General Hospital in the next few weeks to see the big reveal.