Microsoft Windows 8 Pro Upgrade Pricing To Hit $200 In February

Buyers wishing to upgrade from their former OS to Windows 8 Pro might want to jump ship before February 1.

Microsoft will end its promotional offer on January 31, 2013, at which time the company will push the cost of its new OS upgrade to $200.

Under current pricing, buyers can purchase Windows 8 Pro for $40 via download method and $70 when choosing the DVD upgrade option.

In a new blog post, Microsoft announced that standard Windows 8 upgrades will start at $120, while turning Windows 8 into the Windows 8 Pro Pack will cost $100. Microsoft will also make the Windows 8 Media Center available for $10, an offering that is currently free.

Microsoft will still offer a promotional period for Windows 7 buyers. Under the company’s new terms, users who purchased a Windows 7 PC between June 2, 2012 and January 31, 2013 will be able to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $15. The Windows 7 upgrade package will run through the end of February.

Microsoft Windows 8 was met with less than stellar reviews upon release and the company’s sales numbers have failed to meet expectations. It will be interesting to see how well Windows 8 Pro upgrades perform when the cost of those upgrades far exceed Mac OS X and other OS ( Google Chrome – Free) options.

In the meantime, Windows 8 now offers more than 35,000 apps in its marketplace, and that number is expected to explode in 2013.

Microsoft has not revealed how such upgrades will effect distribution partners. Typically high upgrade prices are reserved for consumer upgrade buyers.

Will you avoid upgrading to Microsoft Windows 8 Pro if the cost of that upgrade hits $200 per license?