‘RHOBH’ Star Lisa Rinna Reveals Bikini Diet And Workout Tips

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Part two of the reunion special for Season 8 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs May 1, and you can be sure there’s going to be plenty of drama. Another certainty is that RHOBH star Lisa Rinna is going to look fierce — the result of a lifelong devotion to diet and exercise.

On Season 8, Rinna’s co-stars once again expressed their collective amazement over her age-defying bikini body. In one scene during their group trip to Berlin, Germany, Kyle Richards, Erika Jayne, and Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave gushed over Rinna’s sleek lingerie-clad physique.

When Rinna mentioned that she had posed nude for Playboy in 2009 (when she was 45), her friends cooed that she could still pose nude for the magazine today, thanks to her lean, athletic physique.

Vegan Diet, Pilates, And Yoga

Not surprisingly, Lisa Rinna works hard to stay in bikini shape all year round. Rinna has said that she follows a gluten-free, mostly vegan diet and does indoor cycling workouts, Pilates, and yoga six days a week.

“I tend to call myself a dirty vegan,” Rinna told People. “I’m mostly plant-based — but if I do need to eat some meat, I’ll have it.”

Like fellow 50-something diva Elizabeth Hurley, Rinna’s top diet secret is portion control, as the Inquisitr has reported. She eats all her favorite foods, but in small portions.

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Rinna also exercises six days a week, alternating between indoor cycling, Pilates, and yoga workouts.

“I work at doing something physical six days a week,” Lisa said. “It can be anything from a good walk to dancing to taking a workout class to working out with my trainer, which I do once a week.”

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“When I am traveling, I like to walk,” Rinna said. “I can walk and walk and walk for miles. Sometimes, I will use the gym in my hotel but if I am in a big city like NYC, I just walk.”

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“I don’t love to use the word diet because if I do, I’ll just want to eat 10 times more,” Rinna said. “Moderation is key. I’ve been my own dietitian and workout therapist for years.”

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“My one piece of advice is finding more than one form of exercise that you love to do and then mixing it up,” Rinna said. “One day do Pilates, and then the next day you play tennis. You gotta keep it fresh to keep yourself interested.”

Another celebrity vegetarian who credits a mostly vegan diet and yoga workouts for her sizzling bikini body is supermodel Christie Brinkley, as the Inquisitr has reported.

At age 64, Brinkley defies age (and description) with her timeless beauty.