‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers For Wednesday, May 2: Wyatt Confronts Bill Who Boasts About His Conquest

Katy WinnAP Images

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, May 2 promise that there is at least one person who is not afraid to confront Bill (Don Diamont) head-on. Wyatt (Darin Brooks) will make it clear to Bill that he won’t silently stand by while Bill tears Liam’s (Scott Clifton) life apart again. He saw the romantic scene, set up by Justin (Aaron D. Spears), and jumped to his own conclusions. He plays right into Bill’s hands who cannot help but gloat over the success of his plan to Justin later.

Wyatt, who is always trying to prove himself equal to his golden-boy brother, is not afraid of his dad. He proved that when he stood his ground when Bill raged the day he found out about him and Katie (Heather Tom). More recently, he proved it when he and Katie enjoyed a bit of kissing time in the Spencer offices down the hall from his father on Monday’s episode, according to She Knows Soaps recaps. Wyatt saw Steffy hugging Bill and when he slipped into his dad’s office, he saw all the trappings of a romantic rendezvous. Candles, tousled bedding, and pillows seemed to indicate that his father and Steffy were indeed having an affair. However, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, via Soap Central, indicate that Wyatt will rage that what his father is doing to Liam again is “horrible.”

On Wednesday, May 2, if it wasn’t for the fact that Wyatt would be suspicious of his actions, Bill would probably be grinning like a Cheshire cat, according to Bold and the Beautiful spoilers. Earlier, he had doubted that he and Steffy were having an affair despite having heard Steffy on speakerphone. Steffy had told Bill that she was coming over and thanked him for keeping their secret. Their secret could allude to the fact that Bill had not told anybody that Taylor (Hunter Tylo) was the one who shot him, but it could also point to the fact that Bill had agreed to sell her his house. Steffy hopes to use the house to lure Liam back since it would be perfect to raise a family in. Bill is so pleased with how his plan is going according to script that he turns to his right-hand man, according to Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, via She Knows Soaps.

Bill will gloat and tell Justin that he couldn’t have asked Wyatt for a better reaction, according to the latest spoilers. Bold and the Beautiful fans will note that he is positive that his son will do the “right” thing and tell Liam that Steffy is playing him for a fool again and that she and their father are seeing each other behind his back. It still remains to be seen how Wyatt will react when he finds out that he was merely a pawn in Bill’s sick plot.