Ontario Police Wrestle Escaped Pig, End Up Covered In Mud

Darren CalabreseAP Images

Canadian police in Ontario were called out to wrangle a pig who had escaped near a busy road with little success. South Simcoe Police report that the pig was spotted running along the side of the road and they were concerned about it causing a traffic accident.

According to UPI, South Simcoe Police Sgt. Todd Ferrier said police were concerned that if someone hit the pig or swerved to avoid the pig, someone could get hurt.

“The problem is when people try to avoid these animals that can be just as tragic — trying swerve around a 200 pounds pig — as it can be running into a 200 pounds pig,” he said.

The Ontario police underestimated the strength of the pig while trying to get her into the squad car, and Constable Gerry Crane ended up covered in mud.

“We tried getting her in the back of a car, but she was having nothing to do with that. I can honestly say I underestimated the power of a pig.”

At that point, the South Simcoe Police called in livestock transporter John Hodgson to bring a trailer and round up the pig, which had escaped through a hole in a nearby fence.

Hodgson said it took all hands on deck to get the pig into the trailer using ropes.

“A lot of police wouldn’t even get close to it, but they were able to get a rope on it. We just had little short ropes so everybody had to be right there,” he said.

No Pigs Nor Police Were Harmed In The Pig Wrangling

The pig, named Quasimodo will be staying at a neighbor’s farm until Kyle Gray can get his pig pen fence repaired.

The South Simcoe Police released a report after the pig, Quasimodo was returned to a farm enclosure.

“No pigs or police officers were injured during this lengthy and unique apprehension.”

The South Simcoe Police said that when they approached the pig, she started walking down the middle of the road, wrote Bay Today. While constables were trying to wrestle the pig into a squad car, other officers knocked on doors in an attempt to find the pig’s owner.

The police want to warn drivers that you never know what could run into the road, so take heed.

“South Simcoe Police Service would like to remind motorists to be aware of the many potential road hazards when driving at night. In addition to wildlife such as deer and raccoons, we can now add pigs to the list of animals that you could encounter.”