Zandy Reich Pictures: Lea Michele's Fiance Is Ivy League Grad, Clothing Company Exec With Growing Net Worth

Zandy Reich may be keeping a quiet life away from the spotlight and social media, but the new fiance of actress Lea Michele is getting some viral attention after the couple shared news of their engagement.

On Saturday, Lea Michele shared the news that she and her longtime boyfriend were engaged, posting a picture of her giant new ring. The engagement has put the spotlight on Reich, the Ivy League graduate who has a growing net worth as he makes a name in the clothing industry.

As E! News noted in a report when Zandy Reich and Lea Michele first started dating last year, the two had been friends for quite some time before their romance sparked.

"They have been friends for a while and started dating recently," and insider told the outlet, noting that the two kept the romance quiet and didn't share many pictures on social media for some time.

Zandy Reich is the opposite of many of Lea Michele's previous boyfriends, who tended to be other actors. Reich instead keeps a very low profile, with no public social media pages to speak of and very little about his background. As People magazine noted, Reich has risen through the clothing industry, serving as head of business development for the clothing company Theory before moving to become president of the company AYR, a designer clothing company.

Through his rise, Zandy Reich seems to have amassed a growing net worth as well. As Forbes noted, top executives in the fashion industry often make seven-figure salaries. While Reich likely isn't at the same level as some of the industry's biggest companies, a survey of fashion salaries from Fashionista suggests that he likely makes in the mid to high six figures.

While that net worth may not approach Lea Michele, who the site Celebrity Net Worth estimates at $12 million, it is still generous, even for an Ivy League graduate. As Michele's engagement ring would seem to indicate, Reich is doing well enough for himself.

In the wake of Michele's announcement, there has been a surge of interest in Zandy Reich. Pictures of the University of Pennsylvania graduate (Reich was captain of the lacrosse team) have spread online, but not much other information. It appears that he has shied away from having an online presence, with no Facebook or Instagram pages. Luckily for fans hoping to catch a glimpse of him, Lea Michele has shared some snaps of her new fiance.

Lea Michele has not yet shared details about when she and Zandy Reich could actually be getting married.