'Bold And The Beautiful' Day-By-Day Spoilers Week Of April 30: Despicable Lie Tears A Marriage & Family Apart

Bold and the Beautiful day-by-day spoilers for the week of April 30 reveal that Bill (Don Diamont) will sink to new lows as he manipulates those around him. Using Wyatt (Darin Brooks) and Justin (Aaron D. Spears), Bill spins just enough truth into a web of lies so that his innocent victims find themselves caught up in feelings of hurt and deceit. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, via She Knows Soaps, also promise some Katie and Wyatt action for all "Watie" fans.

Monday, April 30

Bill already set his plan in motion on Friday's episode when he alluded that he and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) were still seeing each other in a conversation with Wyatt. Soap Hub recaps state that Steffy unknowingly confirmed Bill's assertions when she called him and thanked him for keeping their secret. Wyatt now believes that Steffy and his father are having an affair. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the week of April 30 indicate that Bill is so sure that his plan will work that he unsettles Steffy when he says they should share a future, and consequentially, a family together.

In a welcome break from the Steffy, Hope (Annika Noelle), and Liam (Scott Clifton) saga, Wyatt and Katie (Heather Tom) "risk getting caught" according to She Knows Soaps. To the world, Wyatt and Katie have broken their engagement but they are still seeing each other. It seems as if they're the only individuals brave enough to follow their convictions, if only in secret.

Tuesday, May 1

Liam confides in his brother that he wants to get back together with Steffy for the sake of the baby. However, Wyatt believes that Steffy and Bill are seeing each other and he finds himself in a tight spot. He ultimately decides that Liam needs to know the "truth" playing straight into Bill's game. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, via the Inquisitr, report that Bill may even let Wyatt believe that he switched the test results and that Steffy's baby is really his.
In fact, even Dollar Bill's right-hand man Justin (Aaron D. Spears) questions Bill's actions when he lets him on his new scheme. He realizes that Bill does not care who gets hurt in the process as long as he gets his prize in Steffy, according to Courier Journal.

Wednesday, May 2

Anticipating a reunion with her husband, Steffy's whole world is shattered when things fall apart. No doubt, Liam did not react well to Wyatt's news and Steffy is only now finding out what took place. In the meantime, Bill gloats to his only friend Justin about how everything is going according to plan.

Thursday, May 3

Even Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) believes that Liam and Steffy's reunion is imminent and he and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) get to talking about their kids. According to the latest Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, Brooke will feel sad that her daughter will be hurt by "Steam" getting back together, but will be supportive of her husband. Little do they know that Liam has made a decision, and that decision doesn't include Steffy in his future.

Friday, May 4

Bill has the audacity to tell Wyatt that coming forth with the "truth" was in everyone's best interest. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers state that he tries to reassure Wyatt, but he is actually glad that his scheme worked to perfection.
Broken, Steffy will reach out to the only man who has always been there for her - her father. She will tell Ridge everything that has happened, and Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that he will be furious.