Jennifer Lopez Isn’t Planning On Watching ‘American Idol’ [Video]

How are the new American Idol judges doing? You won’t get an opinion out of former dais-queen Jennifer Lopez, who announced she’s not interested in watching the popular program now that she’s no longer a judge.

Lopez quit her post after two seasons last year, and says she has no desire to watch her replacements, Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey, reports MSN. On Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday, the host told Lopez she shouldn’t watch Idol ever again so she can say she hasn’t seen the show when reporters ask for her comment on Minaj and Carey’s rumored feud.

“I won’t,” Lopez said.

Lopez did say that she enjoyed her tenure on Idol: “I really enjoyed it… There’s just something about that show that is really inspiring and fun.”

In a separate interview, Lopez’s longtime manager Benny Medina shot down rumors that the actress and singer was dissatisfied with her recent People cover. Early reports after the cover surfaced suggested Lopez felt she looked “old and haggard” on the cover.

But Medina says Lopez was very happy with the People collaboration, reports E! News.

“Look at the pictures and read the story!” he said in a statement. “We worked closely with the editors of People and we are very pleased with the cover photo and the results all around.”

People also defended the photo, saying that the mag “continues to have a productive relationship” with Jennifer Lopez.

Here’s Jennifer Lopez’s sit-down with Jimmy Kimmel:

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