Your Amazon Package Has Arrived — In Your Car

Powerhouse company Amazon is dominating the online shopping market and they’re showing no signs of slowing down. Earlier today, they unveiled their newest delivery option, in partnership with General Motors and Volvo: customers can now have their packages delivered right to the trunk of their cars.

Amazon customers can grant couriers access to their vehicles through connected technologies that are already installed in many of today’s newer cars. The initial launch, beginning today, will span 37 cities.

Over the last six months, both California and Washington state have had the opportunity to beta test this unique delivery option and customers seem to be responding well. One consumer gave a testimonial to Amazon and stated that she enjoys having her diaper order delivered to her car as it has made changing her toddler a lot easier and she no longer had to worry about her child’s nap being disrupted by the doorbell.

Another customer has been using the new service to have birthday presents for her daughter delivered. The ability to have them sent to the trunk of her car as opposed to her home meant that surprising her daughter would be a lot easier.

Initially, the delivery-to-trunk service will only be available to Amazon Prime members and will only be compatible with GM and Volvo models that are from 2015 onward and they must have an active OnStar and On Volvo accounts. This partnership is part of a two-year contract that Amazon signed with General Motors and Volvo.

“We believe in offering customers choices. This product may not be for everyone,” Rohit Shrivastava, general manager of Amazon Key, said.

Amazon does have plans to add on additional car models after the initial roll-out is underway. To further their car delivery options, there will be on-call couriers for customers to receive in-car deliveries. This on-demand service will use satellite assistance services to locate the vehicles making the in-car requests.

As always, there are a few limitations to the types of packages that this service will deliver. Boxes that are more than 50 pounds and with the dimensions of 26 x 21 x 16 will still need to be signed for upon delivery. The same goes for packages that have contents that have a value of $1,300 or more or if they’re coming from a third-party seller.

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