NFL Draft Rumors: Broncos Fielding Calls For No. 5 Pick But Hoping To Grab Baker Mayfield, ‘KUSA’ Reports

Brett DeeringGetty Images

The Denver Broncos are getting a lot of calls about the No. 5 pick in the final days before the 2018 NFL Draft, but the team may have another prize in mind — Baker Mayfield.

With the most quarterback-heavy draft in more than a decade, there are a number of teams looking to enter the top five picks to land one of the signal callers considered to be NFL-ready. That gives the Broncos, who pick at No. 5 overall, a valuable asset they could turn into an even larger package of picks, and KUSA reported that the team has already fielded calls from the Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, and Arizona Cardinals about trading up.

A trade would likely net the Broncos two more first round picks, plus a handful of seconds and thirds as well, which would go a long way toward rebuilding a team that fell off in an increasingly competitive AFC West. But Mike Klis of KUSA thinks that the Broncos may be planning to hold tight, hoping to snag their preferred quarterback, Baker Mayfield.

Klis noted that Broncos general manager John Elway seems to be very high on Mayfield, having visited with the Oklahoma quarterback four times already during offseason exercises.

Whether Mayfield will fall all the way to No. 5 is another question. Many mock drafts have him off the board with the New York Jets at the No. 3 pick, and the teams calling the Broncos about their pick — the Buffalo Bills and Arizona Cardinals in particular — may simply move up the board if the Broncos aren’t keen on trading back.

There are others who believe the Denver Broncos will trade their pick, however. In his latest mock draft, Peter King predicts that the Cardinals will move up into the No. 5 spot to take Mayfield. There are reports that the Cardinals “love” Mayfield and see him as the cornerstone of their rebuilding.

Whatever happens, the rumors surrounding the 2018 NFL Draft are only likely to grow in the coming days as teams jostle into position to land one of the top quarterbacks. For their part, the Denver Broncos have not given any public indication on what they plan to do with their No. 5 overall pick.