HP Mini 110 Arrives At AT&T, Gets Subsidized, Offers Same Specs As Verizon Model

Verizon Wireless is October added the HP Mini 110 netbook to their lineup of offered devices and proceeded to subsidize the device to any data seeking users who came their way. Now AT&T is following suit, offering the same exact Netbook with built in AT&T 3G data connectivity, opposed to Verizon EV-DO service.

The netbook arrives on November 22nd for a price of $199 after a mail-in-rebate, 2 year contract and minimum monthly data plans.

The Mini 110 features Windows 7, a 10.1 inch LED backlit display with anti-glare and 1GB RAM, plus the already mentioned 3G service and a 160GB hard drive. Everything is pretty standardk netboo fare right down to the Intel Atom processor.

You’ll need to sign up for at least an AT&T DataConnect plan which provides 200MB of data per month for $35 or you can grab their $60 plan that provides 5GB monthly transfer rates.

Then again you could just go drop $300 on a decent netbook with the same or even better pricing and specs over Black Friday and not have to worry about shoddy 3G service you’ll experience in many 3G areas or for that matter a 2 year contract.