Real Joe Biden Asks Question During ‘The Onion’ Joe Biden’s Reddit AMA

The Onion’sJoe Biden took part in a Reddit AMA on Friday, in which the real Joe Biden asked a question.

While it’s not unusual to hold an AMA on Reddit (President Obama did so during the campaign season), it is a bit odd to have a parody host do one. And to have the real individual ask a question during it.

The Next Web reports that The Onion is known as a news parody site and puts its own unique twist on things. In this case, they created their own alternate version of Vice President Joe Biden.

Slate describes the creation, nicknamed “Diamond” Joe Biden, as a “sleazy, womanizing, Trans Am-loving alter ego. The description is essentially the opposite of the real man.

Friday’s Diamond Joe Biden Reddit AMA was created aw a way to promote the release of the alter ego’s autobiography, The President of Vice, which he describes as “a hot-sh– Kindle Single published by The Onion.”

The Washington Post notes that the AMA has garnered hundreds of comments, though the real Joe Biden’s question is ranked among the highest.

While Biden didn’t ask his question directly on the Reddit AMA thread, user amateurguru posted the question to the thread. It is currently ranked second from Reddit users. Biden’s question reads:

Diamond Joe Biden responded to the real Biden’s question by saying, “Those glorified Camaros aint good for nothing but smokin’ the tires.”

Check out more questions during The Onion’s Reddit AMA, featuring Diamond Joe Biden here (some questions are NSFW).