Some Predict Trump Will Be Forced To Resign And Cohen Will Flip, Trump Fires Back

Stormy Daniel's lawyer, Michael Avenatti, predicted on Friday while on CNN that President Trump will be forced to resign. His prediction is based on the growing speculation that Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, might flip on the president. Breitbart reported that Avenatti is "highly confident" of this scenario, considering Cohen is likely to face very serious charges. He added that "there is a lot of evidence in this case, there is a lot of shoes yet to drop." Perhaps Avenatti is right, but at this point, he only provides broad speculation.

Meanwhile, Trump blasted the New York Times for their article titled "Michael Cohen Has Said He Would Take a Bullet for Trump. Maybe Not Anymore." The article detailed that Cohen had been mistreated in the past by the president, and predicts that he will flip on Trump in order to preserve himself and his family.

In response to the article, Trump blasted the publication, calling out the reporter in a Twitter frenzy. He said that the article is an attempt to get Cohen to turn his back on him using bad sources. Trump also pointed out that if pressured, some would cave in and make up lies or stories to stay out of trouble.

Trump also said that he believes Cohen will stand by him no matter what happens, although he also said that "most people" would flip. Until the investigation moves further along, it's unknown what Cohen will do.

The New York Times article cites many sources that describe a less-than-stellar relationship between Trump and Cohen. These include insults, threats of being fired, and Trump supposedly "treating [Cohen] like garbage." On the other hand, Cohen has consistently spoken out in support of the president, and has reportedly been admiring him since his high school years.

Cohen's role in paying off Stormy Daniels for her silence garnered lots of attention, but it's intensified since investigators raided his office and seized documents and communications, including some information that Trump claimed should be protected as confidential information.

While the progress and status of the investigation is unknown, the high profile nature of Cohen's investigation has people wondering what will happen next. If Avenatti is correct, this could lead to the downfall of Trump's presidency. On the other hand, if Trump is innocent and Cohen remains steadfast in his loyalty to the president, Cohen may face serious charges related to wire and bank fraud.