Horror Movies 2018: First ‘Halloween’ Poster Debuts And Michael Myers Is Creepier Than Ever

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In just under six months, fans will finally be able to see one of the most highly anticipated horror movies of 2018, Halloween. The first Halloween is largely considered one of the greatest horror movies of all time, and expectations for the 2018 sequel are very high. Jamie Lee Curtis tweeted the first poster for the horror flick on April 19, exactly six months before its release this October, and it follows a familiar tradition.

Halloween was one of the most groundbreaking horror movies of its time; backed by brilliant direction and music (both done by John Carpenter), audiences had never seen a villain like Michael Myers before. In 1978, most baddies in horror movies were either zombies, birds, or demons, and the mask-wearing villain is the exact opposite.

Michael Myers is evil incarnate. When he was a young child he killed his sister. Years later, he escaped a mental home and wreaked havoc once again. The straightforward story — a killer stalks and murders a bunch of teenagers — felt very real. And unlike monsters and demons, Myers’ getup was unassuming; his simplistic white mask was a canvas for fear, waiting for the audience’s imagination to paint the picture. He is, as the movie says, the boogeyman.

Poster of 'Halloween' 2 one of the most popular horror movies.
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And like Myers, the posters for the famed horror movies were also simple and creepy. The majority of the posters for the Halloween movies revealed what Michael Myers was going to look like for that installment, and the new Halloween poster that Curtis revealed is no different (nor would we want it to be). The only image on the poster is that of Michael Myers, looking down, wearing his weathered mask.

The new Halloween movie is playing as a direct sequel to the original, with Michael Myers and Laurie Strode squaring off 40 years after their first meeting. Fans are anxious to see where the story leads, and to see the two iconic characters return. With the first cut of the film receiving high marks, the first poster debuting, and the return of two iconic genre characters, Halloween continues to be one of the most highly anticipated horror movies of 2018.