Cardi B Tells Ellen DeGeneres That Her Baby Already Has A Name After Joking About How She Got Pregnant

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Cardi B and Ellen DeGeneres had a hilarious chat about how babies are made — or at least how Cardi’s baby was made. On Thursday, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper shared a mini-update on her baby when she appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. As reported by People, she and Ellen also discussed her Coachella performance, and she revealed the exact sex position that she was in when Offset impregnated her.

Cardi B was one of the most buzzed about performers at the Coachella music festival, thanks in part to a guest appearance by the tiny human growing in her tummy. Ellen DeGeneres shared a few video highlights from Cardi’s performance, and she pointed out that the musician did a lot of twerking. In one clip, Cardi was opening and closing her legs while in a crab walk position.

“It looks like you’re getting ready to give birth right there,” Ellen quipped.

Cardi B explained that she isn’t letting pregnancy stop her from showing off some of her best moves because she’s been told that “the more you move, the easier it will come out.” The highlight video then froze on a shot of Cardi in a squat position with her hands on her knees.

“I was just trying to show the world how I got pregnant in the first place,” the rapper said.

However, when the still shot below popped up on the screen, Cardi said it was an exact recreation of how her baby was conceived.

“Like that,” she said as she pointed at the image. “Like that. That’s how it happened.”

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After their chat about sex positions, the topic of conversation eventually turned to Cardi B’s baby with Offset. Cardi said that the Migos member has already chosen a name for their child. She wouldn’t reveal what it is, but she did hint that it’s another unusual celebrity baby name, like True Kardashian or North West.

“My dude named the baby. I really like the name,” she said. “I’m going to let him say the name since he named the baby.”

However, Ellen DeGeneres tried to fish for a few hints by asking her if it is a “complicated” or “tricky” name.

“It’s almost tricky, but when it comes out, it’s like, ‘Ahhh,'” Cardi responded.

The two women also discussed Cardi B’s Saturday Night Live performance. The singer decided to reveal her pregnancy on the show, and she revealed that she was slightly freaked out about breaking her big baby news on national TV. She also said that she had a strange reaction to the stress and anxiety that the situation caused her to experience: her underarms started itching. You can check out part of Ellen and Cardi’s hilarious conversation below.