Elizabeth Hurley's Son Rattled By Mates Mocking Mum's Skimpy Bikini Posts: Urges Mum To Stop, Claims 'Mirror'

Damian Hurley is getting a ribbing from his friends over his mom's bikini shots online, claims a source close to Elizabeth Hurley's son in the latest reports. LADBible suggests that Damian "is at the age where everything his mum does is embarrassing."

A report from the Mirror claimed that Damian Hurley "begs mum to stop flashing boobs in raunchy Instagram pictures." This media site also reports that Damian's friends are mocking him over his mother's revealing photos.

Damian has reportedly asked his mother to stop posting these photos online, especially the ones where the two of them are together. For Damian's recent birthday, Elizabeth Hurley posted a picture of the mother-son together as a memento of his sweet 16 birthday milestone. It was a photo that went over like a lead balloon for some of the actress' critics.

That picture was lambasted online due to Elizabeth's plunging neckline that left little to the imagination. She was accused of taking the focus off her son and putting it all on her with the extremely low-cut dress she was wearing, according to Hollywood Life.

This latest report from LADBible claims that Damian just cannot understand why his mom can't cover up a bit more. Elizabeth Hurley, 52, has said time and time again that there is nothing wrong with a woman her age wearing a bikini and showing off her great shape. As far as Elizabeth is concerned, age has no limits to the type of clothes you wear. She reportedly won't stop posting these photos online even for Damian.

The Mirror reports that the Royals star will point out pictures to Damian of women looking worn out or women that are overweight and ask him "is that better?"

The source claims Liz Hurley has something up her sleeve that really will embarrass her son if he doesn't stop complaining about her bikini picks, according to LADBible. And just how does she intend to do this? According to the media site, the plan is for Elizabeth to dress in a nun's habit when going to Damian's parent-teacher interviews.

Liz Hurley's only son is also the photographer behind a few of those shots posted online of his mom in her bikini creations. A few months back a whirlwind of backlash came at the Royals star when it was revealed that her teen son took some of her bikini-clad photos that were posted on Instagram. Many people online thought this was an inappropriate activity for a mother and son, as discussed in an article from the Daily Mail a few months ago.

Hurley defended this activity as being part of her business, as she not only wears the bikinis, but she designs them as well. She also said that Damian, who turned 16 this month, is studying photography, so he doesn't mind helping out by snapping these photos. He is also quite good at it, the proud mother added.

Elizabeth Hurley Beach is her own brand of beachwear and she has her hand in every aspect of this business from design to marketing. According to the Elizabeth Hurley Beach website, the brand is very successful. Some of Elizabeth's Instagram bikini photos have nearly a quarter million in views, which would indicate she's caught the eye of the public and that her marketing strategy is working.

It sounds as if her son is not objecting to her taking these photos, but he is opposed to her posting the pictures online for the whole world to see, including his schoolmates who are reportedly giving him a good ribbing over this. With that said, one of the more sexier photos to appear online lately of Elizabeth Hurley was posted by Damian himself.

He is also in that photo with his mother who is donning a "sexy" and "revealing" French maid outfit on the set of the Royals. Damian is sandwiched in between his mom and her co-star Joan Collins. That post is seen below.

It was Damian who posted the photo first on his own Instagram account. His mother has since posted it to her account as well. Would Damian really be objecting to his mom's photos and then put them online himself? This might be an investigation worthy of Gossip Cop, which is a media site that always seems to get to the bottom of things. Is he or isn't he asking his mom to cover up?