‘Young And Restless’ Says Goodbye To JT: Mal Young Teases What’s Next, Explains Why ‘Y&R’ Did Story [Spoilers]

Mike WindleGetty Images

Young and the Restless fans were initially thrilled to see Thad Luckinbill return as JT Hellstrom and reunite with Amelia Heinle’s Victoria Newman. Unfortunately, their hot renewed romance turned ugly as JT started to abuse Victoria. That all came to a head during last Friday’s show when Nikki killed JT while protecting Victoria, and now Mal Young, Y&R’s executive producer and head writer, is sharing some spoilers about why they did the story and what comes next.

Mal Young told Entertainment Weekly that Young and Restless wanted to take the opportunity to focus on a domestic abuse story, noting that it’s a pertinent social issue that impacts people from all walks of life. He added that by using an established character such as JT, they felt that it gave the intense story more impact than if they’d gone with someone unknown or less developed.

The Young and Restless executive producer notes that it was difficult for everybody to say goodbye to Luckinbill as his arc wrapped. While Mal is relatively new to the show, and Luckinbill’s prior Y&R work was done some time ago, Thad remains close to many on the set and clearly worked well with real-life ex-wife Amelia. Mal added that he thanks Thad for the outstanding work he did on the intense storyline.

What comes next now that JT is dead? Young and the Restless spoilers from Mal’s chat detail that Victoria, Sharon, Phyllis, and Nikki will have to put aside their various differences to remain united in moving forward after Hellstrom’s death. SheKnows Soaps details that there will be plenty of scrambling on Tuesday’s show as the quartet tries to deal with JT’s body.

Unfortunately, Young and Restless spoilers tease that one of the four women will struggle under the weight of the guilt she feels over this all, and she’ll have a hard time maintaining the group’s secret. Many fans speculate that this will come from Sharon, especially since Paul, Nick, Jack, and Victor will be among those intently anxious to have JT found.

Fans have been praising the work the Young and Restless crew has done with this storyline, even though many feel that the women should have simply called the police after the incident, as Nikki was legitimately trying to protect Victoria from JT. Of course, covering up Hellstrom’s death sets the stage for plenty of action in the weeks ahead, and spoilers hint that this situation will become increasingly intense. Stay tuned for additional Young and Restless spoilers as these next steps play out, and tune into CBS weekdays to see how long this secret stays under wraps.