Melania Trump’s Outfit So ‘Off-Beat She Might As Well Have Been Dressing Badly On Purpose,’ Claims ‘Express’

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

Melania Trump’s $700 spike heels were mentioned in a critique of the first lady’s outfit just before her attire was criticized piece by piece. This critique uses words like “strange,” “bizarre,” and even “bonkers” when describing Melania’s “getup” during a recent outing. The Express suggests that Melania’s choice of attire “distracts” from Donald Trump’s “controversial” tweets about Syria.

It was the outfit that Melania Trump wore to President’s Park while attending the Opioid Memorial that is kicking up all this dust from the Express. There wasn’t anything redeeming offered about Melania’s apparel from the media site in its seemingly cutting critique.

The first problem addressed by Francesca Specter, who is the writer of the Express article, is how Melania’s choice of colors clash. She claims that when Melania stepped out to attend the pop-up memorial, she was sporting a “strange pink and yellow outfit.”

Melania Trump has a tendency to wear her coat draped over her shoulders. On several occasions, she has been seen wearing a coat more like a cape with her arms out of the sleeves. Back in November of last year, Newsweek asked in a headline, “Why Can’t Melania Trump Wear A Coat Properly?

Unless it is bitterly cold outside, Melania has a tendency to drape her coat over her shoulders rather than wear it with her arms in the sleeves. She was seen wearing a coat the way it was intended to be worn on the chilly night of the Christmas tree lighting in Washington, D.C., last year.

Back then, Newsweek suggested it was her “signature draping look” when wearing a coat, and apparently she continues with that look today. There are a few pictures of Melania during her time at this memorial that are posted on Instagram and Facebook. She is seen taking in all the memorial symbolizes for the families who lost loved ones to this epidemic.

The coat Melania wore to this pop-up memorial was pink, and she draped it over her shoulders “leaving the sleeves to flap as she walked,” suggests Specter. The writer also suggests that the long yellow skirt that Melania was wearing “clashed” when it popped out just below that pink coat.

Specter goes on to describe how Melania “topped off her bonkers getup” with yellow suede pumps from So Kate 120 Christian Louboutin. She finishes off her critique by saying that Melania Trump’s choice of attire was “so off-beat” that she “might as well have been dressing badly on purpose.”

Specter even points out that there’s a crease in the coat that goes along Melania’s back. It is the same type of crease you might see on an article of clothing if it had not been hung up properly the night before, claims the Express writer.

While pink and yellow are often associated with the colors of spring, Specter saw Melania’s outfit reminiscent of the BBC television’s fictional character “Mr. Blobby.” According to the Express, some folks were more interested in the task at hand, rather than caring about what Melania Trump was wearing. She received praise for attending this memorial because it is such a serious problem in the U.S. today.