AMC Greenlights New Supernatural Horror Series Called ‘NOS4A2’


AMC has just confirmed they will be moving forward with a brand new supernatural horror series called NOS4A2. This series is based on the book of the same name by author Joe Hill.

Variety reveals that NOS4A2 will follow the adventures of a character called Vic McQueen. Vic is a working-class artist who is able to track Charlie Manx, a seemingly immortal character. Vic’s supernatural ability will see her pitted against Manx as he feeds off the souls of children. What remains of these children afterward ends up in Christmasland. Variety describes this place as a “twisted Christmas Village of Manx’s imagination where every day is Christmas day and unhappiness is against the law.” For Vic, though, the battle will always be to stay one step ahead of Manx in order to not lose her mind or become one of his victims.

Entertainment Weekly reveals that NOS4A2 was originally put forward a year ago when a writers’ room was developed for the potential series. NOS4A2 was proposed back then as part of AMC’s “scripts-to-series” development model. Other series that have been greenlighted under this system include The Son, Dietland, and Lodge 49.

Based on the novel by Joe Hill, the television version of NOS4A2 will also see Hill on board as he serves as an executive producer on the supernatural horror series. Alongside him, AMC has brought Jami O’Brien to the table. Previously, she has worked on the other AMC’s series; Fear the Walking Dead and Hell on Wheels. Joe Hill released the following statement via AMC about Jami O’Brien’s involvement with NOS4A2.

AMC's 'NOS4A2,' supernatural horror series, Joe Hill
Author Joe Hill, is happy to see his novel brought to life by AMCFeatured image credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez Gett yImages

“Her beautifully composed scripts show a writer at the height of her powers, one who has an exquisite touch with character and a relentless instinct for suspense.”

AMC also revealed that they were happy to have O’Brien bring this “diabolically unique new show” to life in the adaptation of Hill’s book.

Joe Hill is the son of horror author, Stephen King, so it is no surprise that Hill has followed in his father’s footsteps by writing within the horror genre. NOS4A2 is the third published work by Hill. Alongside the television adaptation, NOS4A2 is also represented by a series of comic books under the title of The Wraith: Welcome to Christmasland. As Tor points out, this comic book series is a prequel to NOS4A2.

According to the press release, the supernatural horror series will premiere with 10 episodes in 2019. So far, no definitive premiere date has been confirmed beyond 2019. As yet, there have been no cast announcements in relation to NOS4A2.

As for how to remember the unique title of this new series? As Entertainment Weekly points out in their review of the book, NOS4A2 stands for ” Nosferatu.”

AMC’s NOS4A2 will premiere in 2019 on AMC.