WWE News: Bill Goldberg Reveals The One Star He Regrets Not Working With

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Bill Goldberg was the headliner of the 2018 WWE Hall of Fame induction class. Most of the promotion leading into the ceremony was about his work when he came to the WWE the second time and feuded with Brock Lesnar. However, much of Goldberg’s career success occurred before entering the WWE while working as the biggest star in WCW. However, because he worked in WCW until the company closed its doors, he was unable to work with the one superstar that he wanted to wrestle over any other. In a recent interview with the Augusta Free Press, Goldberg admitted that Stone Cold Steve Austin was who he wanted to share the ring with the most.

Bill Goldberg Interview

The interview took place when Bill Goldberg attended the Xfinity series race. Goldberg has always prided himself as a huge NASCAR fan and was at the event with his young son, who he credited with his recent WWE return.

While he was there to watch racing, the Augusta Free Press had questions about his professional wrestling career, and Goldberg obliged. The conversation started with Goldberg saying he was not the prototypical wrestling star because he didn’t talk and brag and instead just “killed people,” calling his rise “organic.”

However, since Goldberg was in WCW until the WWE bought the company and sat out the remainder of his WCW contract, he never got to wrestle the one man he said influenced him the most — Stone Cold Steve Austin.

“He was such a big influence through my rise through the ranks. I didn’t copy anyone…but I’d like to have shared the ring with him. He’s the one I wanted to have an angle with.”

WWE News: Bill Goldberg Reveals The One Star He Regrets Not Working With
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Bill Goldberg And Steve Austin In The WWE

The good news is that Bill Goldberg did share a ring with Stone Cold Steve Austin. However, while he was involved in a massive match with Austin, they did not wrestle, and it was not about Austin at all.

Instead, at WrestleMania XX in 2004, Bill Goldberg had decided to retire from professional wrestling and had a final match against Brock Lesnar. The fans learned that Goldberg was not only leaving the WWE but Lesnar was quitting as well to try to make it in the NFL.

Because the men were leaving, the WWE Universe turned on both men and booed them horribly in the match. The WWE realized this could happen, so they booked Austin to be the referee that night. Goldberg won, but Austin got the most cheers of the two when he hit Lesnar and Goldberg with the Stone Cold Stunner after the match.