Stormy Daniels Showered With Cash: Money ‘Raked Like Autumn Leaves From Stage’ During Trump Accuser’s Show

Joe RaedleGetty Images

Former adult film star Stormy Daniels continues to take advantage of her 15 minutes of fame with appearances on mainstream talk shows, primetime news specials, and gentlemen clubs. Stormy’s latest conquest was over the weekend, where she stripped down at a West Palm Beach club, just a stone’s throw away from the Trump International Golf Club.

According to the Palm Beach Post, Stormy appeared in four shows over the weekend in a club located just across the street from Trump’s golf club and a few miles away from Mar-a-Lago. The show carries a rather derogatory title, which appears to be a twist on a slogan “borrowed from Trump’s campaign,” according to a Time Magazine report last month.

The Palm Beach Post suggests that if anyone arrived at the club expecting Stormy to do a “demure peek-a-boo burlesque-type show,” they were mistaken. She was not shy about what she shared with the crowd. Stormy’s show is titled “Make America Horny Again.”

The former adult film star’s Little Red Riding Hood outfit soon ran out of pieces for her to remove. This left Stormy plenty of time to do a sweep of the patrons at the club Ultra while showing off her assets that were first hidden under the storybook character’s costume. She targeted the clientele who sat near her parade path while “enticing them to rain greenbacks on her and the stage,” according to the Palm Beach Post.

The clientele in that club over the weekend may surprise you. It wasn’t just men in the crowd that showed up to watch Stormy parade her stuff on stage. According to the Palm Beach Post, there were “husbands and wives, political junkies, celebrity hounds and others” who came mostly out of curiosity.

Linda Cullen spoke to reporters about her attendance at Stormy’s club appearance. Cullen, who is a West Palm Beach real estate agent, told reporters her decision to come was an easy one to make.

She said, “It’s one of those events in your own backyard that you can’t miss.”

Stormy did more “parading around the perimeter of the stage rather than dancing, according to reports. She did this while “allowing men and women to put their money-holding hands on her,” according to the Post.

She strutted around the stage for about 13 minutes, and the Post reports she even got a couple of $100 bills “deposited in her cleavage” by men. Stormy had used a couple of T-shirts very briefly in her act and these men paid her $100 a piece for the shirts.

About halfway through her act, Stormy covered her body with sticky stuff and then walked among the spectators on the perimeter of the stage again. This time, the crowd could stick the paper money on any part of her body they wished, as that lotion acted like an adhesive.

When her act was finished, there was so much cash on the stage that it “needed to be raked like autumn leaves,” describes the Post. Reports also indicate Stormy appeared very happy about her show and the audience “somehow seemed joyful about it.”

Stormy Daniels not only had a busy weekend appearing at the West Palm Beach club, but she is expected to appear in court on Monday as “her and Trump’s lawyers argue over FBI raid,” according to the Chicago Tribune.