Trump Target Of ‘Shocking’ And ‘Surreal’ Allegations By Comey, Stuns Entire Room During ’20/20’ Taping [Video]

Alex WongGetty Images

An interview with James Comey concerning his alleged dealings with Donald Trump will air on Sunday night in a 20/20 Special on ABC. Reports indicate this interview has already stunned everyone in the room who was there as it was being taped.

Comey reportedly opened up to George Stephanopoulos with some serious allegations about Trump. According to Axios, one of the people present during the taping of this interview claims it will “shock the president and his team.”

This source also claims Comey’s interview will spawn headlines and “certainly add more meat to the charges swirling around Trump.” Comey told Stephanopoulos things he has never said before, according to the report from Axios.

During this interview, Comey reportedly compared Donald Trump to a “mob boss.” The source who was privy to the interview as it taped, said the people who were there found it “surreal.”

The former FBI Director had so much to say that the only problem ABC faces now is how to fit all of Comey’s interview into a one-hour show without leaving anything out. There was not one question asked by Stephanopoulos that Comey didn’t answer. Axios suggests, “If anyone wonders if Comey will go there, he goes there.”

This interview will air Sunday night, which is just a few days before Comey’s new book, A Higher Loyalty, hits the stores. Stephanopoulos and the 20/20 crew went to Comey’s Washington area home on Monday to tape the show.

Another headline coming out of Comey’s upcoming book has to do with Melania Trump. The headline for People Magazine states: “Trump Used Wife Melania in Ploy To Get FBI To Prove ‘Pee Tape’ Was a Lie, Claims James Comey.”

Comey alleges that Trump wanted to reassure Melania that he was not with “hookers in a Moscow hotel room as the women urinated on a bed.” Comey writes in his book, “Trump ‘brought up what he called the ‘golden showers thing’ … It bothered him if there was ‘even a one-percent chance’ his wife, Melania, thought it was true.”

Trump allegedly “told” Comey to consider having the FBI investigate these hooker’s allegations to “prove it was a lie.”

Eyebrows are raised and jaws have dropped over the excerpts of Comey’s book being discussed in the media today. It appears Donald Trump has already caught wind of what Comey is alleging in his book, which is expected to also be discussed in the 20/20 interview on Sunday.

Trump took to Twitter today to share his thoughts on Comey in the tweets that are seen below.

It appears from various reports in the media today that Comey had a lot to say about his dealings with Donald Trump. He has made a lot of “serious allegations,” suggests Jesse Waters on the Fox News show, The Five, Friday evening.

Comey’s new book and his 20/20 Special were a hot topic on the Fox News channel today throughout the various segments. Sarah Huckabee Sanders took to the podium Friday afternoon to express the thoughts coming from the White House about Comey’s new book. According to Real Clear Politics, Huckabee Sanders said that Comey’s book belongs in the “bargain bin.”

The White House Press Secretary also told the media that Trump firing Comey will go down as one of President Trump’s “greatest achievements.” That book is due out on Tuesday with the 20/20 Special airing Sunday night. You can see a preview of the 20/20 Special in the video at the top of this article.