Wire: eRepublik launches chat and is now available in French, German, Russian and Portuguese

The eRepublik interface can be used in 6 different languages by over 200,000 players from around the real World

eRepublik players can now interact directly with their friends in the game using the new chat tool

Madrid, Spain (Inquisitr Wire)- eRepublik, the massively multiplayer online social strategy game, has announced today that its interface is now fully functional in four new languages: French, German, Russian and Portuguese. The game, originally designed in English, launched its Spanish version last June.

“We are keen on offering the best game experience possible and we know our community will be happy to have our interface available in their own language. eRepublik is now available in 6 languages and we plan to add more in the coming months,” comments Alexis Bonte, Co-Founder and CEO of eRepublik.

“The bespoke chat feature is another step in our strategy of basing game play on user interaction rather than artificial intelligence. For eRepublik we think it will considerably improve the game playability for both experienced players and beginners,” ends Bonte.

“The launch of new language versions is just one of the new features included in our game development roadmap, that includes other exciting updates such as the new interactive eRepublik World Map or the renewed economic and war modules,” states George Lemnaru, Co-Founder and COO of eRepublik.

The new chat tool allows players to chat with their friends in the game. eRepublik citizens are automatically authenticated in the eRepublik Chat. There are two different chat rooms (Beginners and National) for every country of the New World. All citizens with a minimum experience level of ten can create their own private chat room. They are able to mark it open for any other citizen to enter, or they can establish a password so it will only be accessible for their friends. Two citizens can also start a private discussion if they are both in the same chat room or if they are already friends.

If a citizen likes a room, he can add it as favorite so it is easy to find later from his eRepublik Chat page. There is a Top of the Chat Rooms list based on the number of citizens that add a room as favorite. Each room has a specific link, so they are easy to point out to other friends within the game.

eRepublik is a massively multiplayer online strategy game which is set in a mirror world where players, referred to as citizens, join in local and national politics, set economic policy, start businesses and wage wars with other countries. The public version of eRepublik was launched in mid-October of 2008.

eRepublik hit the 1 million unique visitors per month landmark last July and recently exceeded the 220,000 active players mark. In September of 2009, www.erepublik.com received over 6.6 million visits and 158 million page views. In addition, during September, citizens spent over 95 million minutes navigating the eRepublik world. [1] Source Google Analytics TM

The New World’s social based game play allows it to spread virally in terms of content and users, with almost no distribution and content creation costs. Listening to its community, the eRepublik team has been able to make regular releases, adjust game-play, try new things and add new features so as to increase the vast number of options players have to interact among each other. Now, after recently celebrating its 650 days of existence, over 700,000 citizen accounts have been created and eRepublik has an active community of over 220,000 people who play frequently enough to keep their citizens alive and well.