'Southern Charm' Star Elizabeth Madison Comes To J.D. Madison's Defense

Was J.D. Madison really such a horrible husband to Elizabeth Madison? On previous Southern Charm seasons, J.D. and Elizabeth were portrayed as a happy couple with a stable and loving marriage. Yet shockingly, on the Season 5 premiere episode that aired last Thursday, J.D., during a talk with good friend Thomas Ravenel, revealed that he and Elizabeth were separated. While J.D. made it seem as if he was the victim and didn't want the marriage to end, Elizabeth's friend, Naomie Olindo, claimed that it was J.D. who did Elizabeth wrong. A preview for tonight's episode shows that viewers will see Naomie make some shocking allegations against J.D., including that he routinely cheated on Elizabeth with much younger women and wasn't there for her, either physically or emotionally.

Yet, it seems that Elizabeth doesn't want viewers to believe that J.D. is such a bad guy. On Tuesday, J.D. posted a Twitter message defending himself. J.D. wrote that the series doesn't document everything that did and does happen in his and Elizabeth's marriage. J.D. added that Southern Charm doesn't show how he and Elizabeth "love & care for each other," their kids, and their parents. Attached to the message is a photo of J.D. and Elizabeth leaning in close to one another and smiling. Elizabeth showed that she approves of and agrees with the message by retweeting it.

J.D. then tweeted that he and Elizabeth are trying their best not to speak negatively about each other while under attack.
On Instagram, Elizabeth Madison showed that she and J.D. Madison are still very much a part of one another's lives and are co-parenting their kids. She posted a photo of herself lying in bed with one of her young sons snuggled up against her. In her photo caption, Elizabeth said that she wasn't letting other people's judgment get her down but was trying to focus on her blessings, such as tucking in her son. She then revealed it was J.D. who took the photo.
On last week's episode, J.D. claimed during his talk with Thomas that it was Elizabeth who fell out of love with him, requested that he move out of the marital home, and first took off her wedding band. J.D. also made it seem as if Elizabeth wasn't there for him when the going got tough with his business. Yet, later on, during a pre-party gathering with Danni Baird, Kathryn Dennis, and Chelsea Meissner, Naomie Olindo -- now good friends with Elizabeth -- gave her opinion that the demise of J.D. and Elizabeth's marriage was J.D.'s fault. Naomie claimed that J.D. wasn't a good husband and father, stating that he only saw his children once a week despite living nearby. Naomie pointed out that while J.D. was going to attend Shep Rose's birthday party later on in the day, Elizabeth was left at home taking care of the kids.
A preview for tonight's Southern Charm episode shows Naomie Olindo confronting J.D. Madison for mistreating Elizabeth Madison. When J.D. asks Naomie how she would know that he needs to be a better husband, Naomie unleashes her accusations in front of everyone.

"Because I literally go to your house, almost every day, and pick your wife up out of bed. Okay? So don't pretend that you are some great husband, some great family man because it's a f**king bulls**t lie...She cries every single night because of you, calls me crying, okay? So don't say you're working through everything because it's a lie. She's not doing well. And it's because of you...And to see you every night, f**king twenty year olds. J.D., I have proof, I know the girls."