Pippa Middleton Still Has No Baby News As Vogue Williams Reveals She’s Pregnant With Spencer Matthews’ Son

Julian FinneyGetty Images

It has been seven months since Pippa Middleton got married to James Matthews, but there has not yet been any baby news. When she first exited from public life after her wedding, people started speculating that she was pregnant, but that turned out to be unfounded. With Vogue Williams — who is not yet married to Spencer Matthews — revealing that she is pregnant with Spencer Matthews’ son, the pressure is building for Pippa.

A few weeks ago, Vogue Williams, who is engaged to James Matthews’ younger brother, announced that she got pregnant right after she started trying. She is now five months into her pregnancy and has already started nesting.

“I don’t really know what the nursery will look like,” the mother-to-be confessed to Hello! Magazine. “I think it has to be gender neutral. I like that idea anyway for a nursery, I don’t like the idea of pink for a girl or blue for a boy, I want it to be that anyone could go in there. So maybe like, this amazing tropical wallpaper. I don’t know if Spencer’s into it – green and white tropical wallpaper, I think it will be amazing, with loads of zoo animals and different things like that. I like that idea.”

However, from her latest TV appearance, it sounds like she can put those gender touches to the nursery. According to the Irish Mirror, Vogue accidentally let it slip that she is expecting a baby boy.

“He’s delighted with himself,” Vogue said, referring to the baby.

Then, the presenter questioned her, “Is he? so it’s a boy?”

“I hate you!” Vogue responded and added, “Maybe it’s a boy, maybe it’s a girl.”

Despite the fact that she is past her first trimester, her baby bump has not been very prominent.

Meanwhile, Pippa Middleton has been living a quiet life after her wedding. The only time that she has been spotted has been in Chelsea, the neighborhood she lives in, wearing toned down clothes and seen running errands. The last time she was spotted, she was wearing a dark grey coat and was getting on her bike, according to the Daily Mail, looking as slim as ever.

Even before the 34-year-old sister of Kate Middleton got married last September, she expressed that she wants children of her own. In 2016, an insider told People Magazine that all Pippa wanted was to have children and lead “a quiet life.”

While she is having a quiet life, baby prospects have not yet entered the picture.

The news that did bring her out of her quiet life was the rape scandal involving her father-in-law. David Matthews is currently “being investigated by French police over allegations he raped a female minor,” according to the Telegraph.

The father of James Matthews has denied denies the accusation.