‘Fortnite’ Server Status: Waiting In Queue Fix, Week 8 Challenges Update

Epic Games

Fans of Fortnite are logging on to their PS4 and Xbox only to find out they are waiting in a queue for hours. Epic Games is working on a fix and stated that they were taking the servers offline for maintenance but did not state when the servers will be back.

It is unclear whether the Week 8 challenges will be put on hold or extended. Express reports that the Week 8 challenges are on hold for some players due to the waiting in queue error. However, Epic Games has not released a statement on this.

Another update from Epic Games states that the game is going through prolonged instability and they are investigating the issues.

Some fans are reporting that they have fixed the login issues by restarting their game console (Xbox, PS4)

The reported waiting times vary from hours to less than 10 minutes. Restarting the game console seems to fix or at least reduce the waiting times. However, there may be more issues once logged in.

There is a critical failure with one of the game’s databases; therefore, the login and matchmaking for games are unstable.

Earlier today, the Epic Games public server page announced that an initial fix was able to handle the user traffic. However, it quickly reported that login issues had returned and the database system is being upgraded.


The login issues are likely due to the increased popularity of the game and many users attempting to log in at once.

Many users took to social media to vent their anger about waiting in a queue, with many taking screenshots of the long waiting times.

Epic Games reported that they have made progress on the internal investigation and may have discovered the problem causing the login issues.


The end of Season 3 of Battle Pass is approaching and users are having issues completing the Week 8 challenges due to the server issues.

Some of the challenges include using a vending machine, deal 500 damage with explosive weapons, search seven chests in Snobby Shore and visit three different taco shops in a single game.

Check server updates on the official Epic Games Fortnite page. Try restarting Fortnite or the game console to reduce the waiting times.