‘Deadliest Catch’ Season 14 Premiere Recap: ‘Battle Lines’ Are Drawn Between Captains

Mike CoppolaGetty Images

Deadliest Catch just commenced Season 14 on Tuesday with the return of the ever-popular Captain Josh Harris and the F/V Cornelia Marie in a celebrated 200th episode.

The popular Discovery Channel crab fishing reality show proves it still has stories to tell, claims Fox News. In the episode titled “Battle Lines,” the new season starts out with some new rivalries between captains, as the crews battle the most dangerous job in the world in the harsh elements of the Bering Sea.

Feeling the pressure from spending $750,000 on F/V Saga during the offseason, Jake Anderson decides to pick his former captain’s brain.

Somehow Jake seems to accuse Sig Hansen of being a “radio fisherman,” and it becomes clear that Sig doesn’t want to play this game. Sig accuses Jake of poaching from others to get to the crab. He dramatically kicks Jake out of the F/V Northwestern, starting out the season in a feud!

The F/V Summer Bay captain, “Wild” Bill Wichrowski, already has his blood pressure rising as he discovers his quota is 20 percent lowered, because the F/V Brenna A captain, Sean Dwyer, has “poached” it.

Somehow Wild Bill calms down enough to create a “friendly rivalry” with the ever-affable Captain Sean. They compete to see who can put 10 crab pots into the water first.

Captain Bill’s old school method of stacking the pots on deck, then throwing them out, seems to get the job done twice as fast as Dwyer’s young team.

After a full season without the F/V Cornelia Marie, Captain Josh and Captain Casey McManus have a bit of luck fishing in shallow but cold water.

Being a captain has a lot of responsibilities and Captain Jake is feeling the pressure of not finding crab. Yet, Captain Keith Colburn is on the crab, and he is willing to share his valuable coordinates with the young captain.

The mercurial captain of the F/V Wizard figures that if there are a couple of boats in the same area, this will dissuade other captains from coming over and fishing in a crowded area. Better for Keith to share with just one other boat, not the entire fleet!

The two boats find success, and Keith helping out Jake helped his own bottom line.

Meanwhile, Captain Sig has found tremendous early success in the test pots he put out. Like Captain Keith, he doesn’t want all of the other boats to compete for the crab, so he tries to contact Captain Jake to let him in on the good fishing.


Jake doesn’t answer, as he is now “loyal” to Captain Keith. While Keith has good fishing, it looks like Sig has really found the the current sweet spot of crab fishing in the Bering Sea. Maybe Jake should have answered the phone.