Black Woman Identified As Brandy Odom Found Dismembered In Brooklyn Park

Mark LennihanAP Images

A black woman who had been missing was found dead and dismembered on Monday night. Brandy Odom, 26, lived less than a mile away from Canarsie Park. Parts of Odom’s body were discovered by a 52-year-old woman who was out walking her dog.

According to the New York Post, Police announced that Odom’s mother and sister had identified the young woman by a tattoo on her left breast that read “Chocolate.” Her head and torso were partially buried underneath tree branches and leaves face-down. On Tuesday, authorities found what they believe to be Odom’s arms and legs inside trash bags roughly a half-mile away from the site.

Odom lived with her family at the New York City Housing Authority’s Bay View Houses. A friend of hers named Bell told the Post that Odom had a strained relationship with her relatives and often stayed over when things were not going well. Bell described Odom as a “young and vibrant” woman who didn’t deserve to die.

According to the friend of more than 10 years, Odom was like a sister to her. She had recently completed her GED and was employed by UPS at a local store, Bell said. Odom was “street,” but was working hard to turn her life around. She wanted to move out and start a family of her own.

Police Tape Across Park Bench

Odom reportedly spoke to her mother about a week ago while other family members said that they had not seen her in a few months. The family home was just across the park from where the young woman’s mutilated body was found. The New York Daily News reported that Odom’s face was badly bruised. Odom’s arms were cut off at her elbows and her legs had been severed below her buttocks.

No cause of death has been determined. Police are now investigating in an effort to identify a suspect and discover a motive for the heinous crime. Bell thinks it is possible that someone Odom was dating might be responsible for ending the young woman’s life. Because the park is rather busy, her body was believed to have been dumped there recently.