Cardi B Reveals What It Was Really Like To Meet Beyonce

Cardi B is one of music’s biggest stars right now, after not only the success of her first single, “Bodak Yellow,” which came out in the summer of 2017, but also her recent album release, Invasion of Privacy. As one of the biggest artist’s right now, it makes sense that other big name celebrities would want to meet her, as they share their own appreciation for her work. Among the celebrities who have made it a point to reach out to Cardi B, is none other than Beyonce, who many people dream of having the opportunity to meet. However, while there may be a lot of people who would love to meet Beyonce, for Cardi B it seems the meeting was more terrifying and scary than anything else.

According to Time Magazine, in a recent interview Cardi B actually described herself as being rather “shy,” especially when it comes to getting the chance to meet other celebrities. In fact, her shyness seems to make itself known when she is first meeting a star that she is a fan of herself. Based on what she had to say about when she first met Beyonce, it seems that her shyness made an appearance, and it may be awhile before the two singers find themselves hanging out, although with her current success that may change.

While talking about the meeting between herself and Beyonce with GQ, Cardi B shared that everyone she has talked to has guessed that she would have been “mad happy” to get the opportunity to meet the “Lemonade” singer. However, the “Bodak Yellow” singer said the reality was much more terrifying as she revealed she really, “wanted to s*** on myself.” According to Cardi B, the entire thing was actually scary for her, and all Beyonce had done was say hello and that she loved her music. Unfortunately for Cardi B, it was hard to really formulate a response and instead she made more of a noise than actually speaking any real words.

Although Cardi B is known for being rather larger-than-life, and even quite candid, it seems that even with her own recent stardom, she is still “a regular girl.” Even with one meeting with Beyonce already under her belt, it may be awhile before the singer is comfortable with getting to interact with big name celebrities, such as the queen B. However, with how well received Invasion of Privacy has been, especially from the likes of Rihanna and Oprah, Cardi B may be getting the chance to get used to rubbing elbows with big name stars sooner rather than later.

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