‘The Wind Blew Cocaine Into My Purse,’ Florida Woman Allegedly Tells Cops


A woman pulled over by Fort Pierce, Florida, police officers allegedly claimed that the wind blew cocaine through the window and into her purse.

When a cop stopped the vehicle that was allegedly swerving into other lanes, he reportedly smelled weed coming from the car that contained two passengers. The officer searched the car, presumably based on the probable-cause legal theory, and reportedly found marijuana and cocaine in two separate bags in a purse allegedly on the suspect’s lap. Fort Pierce is the county seat of St. Lucie County and is located on the Sunshine State’s east coast.

During questioning by officers, the suspect, identified by multiple news media outlets as Kennecia Posey, 26, allegedly admitted to ownership of the pot, but not the other drug, ABC Miami/Fort Lauderdale affiliate Local 10 News, WPLG, reported.

“‘I don’t know anything about any cocaine,’ Posey said, according to the [police] report. ‘It’s a windy day. It must have flown through the window and into my purse.'”

Apparently that explanation didn’t fly, as it were.

According to the AP, authorities nonetheless charged the suspect with cocaine possession, a felony, and marijuana possession, a misdemeanor. She subsequently bonded out from the St. Lucie County Jail in the incident that occurred on March 21 but is just now surfacing in the media.

This story will be updated by the Inquisitr as more details become available.


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On a far more serious note, a Miami-area personal injury lawyer faces multiple charges including DUI manslaughter in his alleged involvement in the tragic early December death of a pedestrian in the area. According to reports, the victim was crossing the street at about 2 a.m. when she was hit and thrown into the air by a vehicle that allegedly fled the scene.

Watch a television news clip about the Fort Pierce “high winds” drug arrest below.