Katie Holmes’ Toe Sucking Scene Probably Doesn’t Bother Jamie Foxx, According To Seth Green

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Katie Holmes’ and Jamie Foxx’s Hollywood romance isn’t at risk over a toe sucking scene in a movie. At least, this is what actor Seth Green recently said. The secretive couple remains tight-lipped about their romance, but it seems as though they didn’t ask Holmes’ Dear Dictator costar to take a vow of silence about their relationship.

On Thursday, TMZ cornered Family Guy actor Seth Green while he was waiting for a flight at LAX. He was asked a few questions about working with Katie Holmes on Dear Dictator, a comedy about a dictator who flees his home country and holes up with a pen pal in America. One scene in the film that’s been getting a lot of attention shows Green sucking on Holmes’ toes and licking her feet while she’s lying back in a dental chair. The actor was asked if he thought that the intimate scene made Jamie Foxx jealous at all, and he answered in the negative.

“I doubt it,” Green said. “I’ve known Jamie a long time, too. We don’t have any beef. He’s always been cool.”

Seth Green said that shooting the scene wasn’t too awkward for him because he and Katie Holmes know each other well. He tried to make his costar feel more comfortable by reassuring her that he didn’t have a foot fetish before he began sucking on her toes, and he revealed that it helped that Holmes didn’t have ticklish feet. He didn’t respond to a question about how many times her feet were washed before they shot the scene.

“I told her, ‘Hey, you know this is not something I’m into in real life, but I’m going to act real hard. I’m going to be a really convincing actor in this scene, so don’t be weirded out. Let’s never talk about it again after,’” Seth said of the conversation he had with Katie.

Katie Holmes And Seth Green Filmed A Foot Fetish Scene For 'Dear Dictator'
Seth Green says Katie Holmes didn't kick him in the face while he was licking her feetFeatured image credit: Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

Seth Green also praised Katie Holmes for being “entirely committed” to her role. In Dear Dictator, she plays a dental hygienist who lets her married boss (Green) fulfill her fantasy of having her feet licked and sucked on. The dentist complains that his wife won’t let him do the same to her because she thinks that his foot fetish is “strange.” As reported by People, the cast also includes Michael Caine as the British-Caribbean dictator who leaves his homeland for America. Odeya Rush plays his pen pal, the teen daughter of Holmes’ character.

When Katie Holmes talked about her experience filming the movie, she didn’t mention the foot scene or Seth Green.

“We joked a lot. It’s a really funny movie,” the actress said. “It was great to work with Michael Cain again and Odeya Rush. I had a wonderful time.”