Apple Watch Series 3 Gets Challenge From Fitbit Versa

Daryl Deino

Last years Fitbit Ionic earned some good reviews, but barely made a dent in the marketplace. But Fitbit doesn't give up, and they have just released the Fitbit Versa, and it's been well received. Time called it the biggest threat to the Apple Watch yet.

"There's a lot that Fitbit got right with the Versa. Most importantly, the watch itself actually looks like something I'd want to wear to places other than the gym," says columnist Lisa Eadicicco, adding that the new watch does just about everything the Apple Watch does but works just as well with Android as it does with iOS.

Engadget is also singing the praises of Fitbit's new smartwatch.

"Ultimately, the things that stand out about the Fitbit Versa are its sub-$200 price and attractive design -- this is a Fitbit that finally looks more like a smartwatch than a fitness tracker."

Samsung released the Gear S3 two years ago, and it received mostly good reviews. Tom's Guide praised the durable design, the built-in LTE (which the Apple Watch Series 3 now offers), and the great voice control. However, the website didn't like the fact that the watch was too heavy. Like other reviews, Tom's Guide said that there was a lack of useful apps for Samsung's smartwatch.

"With its slick and durable design, GPS and optional LTE, the Gear S3 Frontier has all the makings of the best smartwatch ever — if only it had more apps," reads their final verdict on the watch.

Still, for now, Apple is far ahead in the marketplace. David Phelan of Forbes noted that the Watch sold 8 million units in the fourth quarter of 2017. According to Mac Rumors, the Watch outsold all competing smartwatch devices together last year.

"The research firm says one in every five wearables shipped last quarter was an Apple Watch, on the strength of new Series 3 models launched in September."