Ginuwine Is The Latest Celebrity To Open Up About Battle With Depression

Recently a number of celebrities have been opening up about their personal battles with depression. One of the latest celebs to talk about their problems is singer Ginuwine, who sat down for a new interview in which he discussed not only mental health, but also his own personal thoughts about suicide, and even his alleged transphobia.

In an interview with the Grio, Ginuwine not only cleared up the rumors that he is transphobic, but he also talked about dealing with depression and his own thoughts about suicide following the death of his parents. In regard to him being transphobic, the singer defended himself by saying that he did not want to kiss his Celebrity Big Brother UK roommate India Willoughby, who happens to be transgender. As Ginuwine explained, the way he feels is, “anyone should have the right to say no if they don’t want someone to kiss them or touch them or date them or anything. That doesn’t make me transphobic.”

The singer shared that people who know him will know “that’s totally not me as far as being transphobic or homophobic.” He wants people to know that he is not, in fact, transphobic, and instead, this was simply a case of just saying no.

After he talked about the allegations of transphobia levied against himself, Ginuwine also opened up about mental health and his own battle with depression and suicidal thoughts. According to the Daily Dish, the singer’s suicidal thoughts first manifested after the death of his parents.

In 1999, Ginuwine’s father committed suicide, and then the next year his mother passed away after a battle with cancer. It was after these tragic personal events, the singer turned to drugs and alcohol in order to cope with the pain of his loss. However, the singer found himself falling into a deep depression, and it was at this point that he even contemplated a suicide attempt.

While dealing with depression is something that never really goes away, Ginuwine is in a much better place now, and points out that people need to talk about things and stop holding so much in. As the singer pointed out, men are often holding things back and not talking about their feelings, but he said, “that’s the worst thing that you can do. I always tell younger guys that the best thing to do is to talk about it and I try to be open for people to talk to because once you’re gone, you’re gone.”

Ginuwine said that when a person talks about suicide, it is not something to ignore or even push aside. He shared that people need to pay attention and be aware of their mental health. As the latest celebrity to address a personal battle with depression, Ginuwine is doing his part to bring awareness to the problem and give people an example of someone who has gotten the help they need.

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