Liz Hurley Spat With Journalist Caught On Camera [Video]

Liz Hurley and her fiance Shane Warne got into an ugly spat with a Network Ten journalist at the Perth airport this morning.

According to Stuff Magazine, the Melbourne star was in no mood to talk to reporters after his loss to the Perth Scorchers and Hurley was making sure that no one upset him.

Hurley got into a spat with a Network Ten journalist who was trying to take photos and talk to the couple about the loss.

Journalist Caty Price explained the incident to an Australian radio station, saying:

”He (Warne) was pretty tight-lipped coming in, and did not say much, and then Liz clipped the back of my heels, and said ‘Don’t you know it is rude to stand in front of people’, which is fair enough … Then I asked her what she thought of the game last night, she spun around on her heels, and mouthed close up to my face ‘I think you should f*** off.’ ‘She did another spin, flick of the hair and strutted off with Shane.”

Price was a little taken a back at the comment and decided that it was best to leave the couple alone.

Here’s a video of the incident at the Perth airport.

Hurley looks pretty proud of herself for telling the reporter to fu*k off.

What do you think of Liz Hurley‘s spat with the reporter? Was Caty Price in the wrong for asking Warne about the loss? Did Hurley overreact?