Angie Harmon, 45, Rocks String Bikini On Spring Break Getaway

Richard Shotwell/InvisionAP Images

Angie Harmon shared some bikini pics from a spring break getaway she took with her kids and close friends. The former Law & Order star recently went on a tropical excursion and posted some fun images on her Instagram account.

Yahoo Lifestyle reports that the sexy 45-year-old’s photos from her spring break vacation involved bikinis, beach time, and a “body that just gets better with age.” She spent with her “framily” — meaning friends and family.

Angie is seen in a series of snaps showing off her toned and tanned frame. She wore a black string bikini that had several modern-style floral designs. One of the pics has a close-up of the design from a shot she took as she sunbathed on the beach. A video below also shows her dancing with a young boy on the beach. Her hair is in a ponytail and she’s wearing a turquoise baseball cap.

Angie Harmon spent time snorkeling, which is seen in the first photo.

The actress put her body on display in a bikini while celebrating her 45th birthday last summer. She posted photos from her exotic adventure on Instagram. Harmon was snapped wearing a blue-and-white string bikini while posing on a boat. For anyone who thinks 45 is too old to wear revealing swimwear, Angie proves that notion wrong.

Angie Harmon separated from her husband of 13 years, pro-football player Jason Sehorn, in 2014. They share three daughters — Finley, 13, Avery, 12, and Emery, eight.

The actress told Closer Weekly in August 2017 that she’s not going to pursue online dating. She said she needs to “suss it out a lot” before she goes on a date.

Angie puts her focus into working and raising her daughters. She did work with Avery on the set of her TNT series, Rizzoli & Isles. The star told People magazine that it made her “blissfully happy” to study lines, rehearse the scenes, and shooting an episode of the show with her. Although Harmon had to stay in character during their scenes together, she couldn’t help but feel enormous “pride and joy as her mommy.” It was a dream for both mom and daughter.

Angie Harmon maintains her bikini physique by doing cardio workouts like walking and biking. She told People that she watches what she eats overall, but loves a Junior Mint! The star admitted to being “lazier” since Emery was born and that it takes “more effort” to exercise. She obviously puts in whatever effort is required!