Reddit Fans Slam Duggar Homeschool Curriculum After Photo Of 8-Year-Old Josie Learning Her Letters Surfaces

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Josie Duggar is the youngest member of the Duggar family and is still being homeschooled like her siblings were. However, not everyone is on board with the homeschool curriculum, and it has been bashed in the past for being too lenient on the students. Some feel that the fact that none of the Duggar children have ever enrolled in college is proof that the curriculum is incredibly lacking. However, recently, the Duggar family was once again bashed on Reddit for material that was way too easy for the child’s age.

The Duggar family has hired on an assistant, Laura, to help some of the younger Duggar children with things like their schoolwork, and she posted a photo congratulating Josie on finishing a worksheet for learning to write her letters.

Several fans chimed in on Reddit, stating that they were unimpressed with the family for doing such “easy” work. One fan even stated that her child in preschool does harder work than Josie does, even though Josie would be in third grade if she were to go to school like other children her age.

Another chimed in, stating that perhaps Josie has some cognitive delays due to the fact that she was born prematurely and that fans shouldn’t judge her.

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19 Kids and Counting fans will remember that Josie Duggar was born prematurely and that she and her mother both suffered complications due to her traumatic entrance into the world. As a young child, she also suffered from seizures and has had other health issues. Although the Duggar family has not stated that Josie has cognitive delays or functions slower than most children her age, many assume that is the case.

However, the Duggar family is not necessarily known for having the best homeschooling program either. Jessa Duggar Seewald stated that when she lived at home with her family, she was often in charge of teaching the little children, even though she is not a licensed teacher in any way.

Thus far, the only Duggar child to pursue formal higher education was Joe, though he only attended a Bible college for less than a year.