Erica Herman: Tiger Woods' New Girlfriend In The Spotlight As He Returns To The Masters

Nathan Francis

Erica Herman has been used to working behind the scenes, but now the 33-year-old girlfriend of golfer Tiger Woods is finding herself in the spotlight as the golfer makes his big return to the Masters.

Woods is finally at full health after spending years dealing with nagging injuries and returns to Augusta looking to re-assert himself as the world's best golfer. As he does that, there is plenty of interest in his new girlfriend, who will likely get plenty of screen time throughout the tournament. Herman has been featured in the Sun, and pictures of the restauranteur have spread across social media.

Tiger Woods and Erica Herman were first spotted together last October at the Presidents Cup in New Jersey and have been progressing in their relationship since then, the Sun reported. At that tournament, Erica wore a "player spouse" badge that made the relationship official, and she has been seen with him a number of times since then.

While it was not clear exactly how Tiger Woods met his new girlfriend, she has worked for his business interests before. Earlier this year, Herman managed Tiger's pop-up restaurant called The Woods.

There has been high interest in Tiger Woods' girlfriends for his entire career, but especially since his 2010 divorce from model Elin Nordegren. Before the split, a string of more than a dozen women came forward to claim they had affairs with Tiger, and in the media firestorm that followed, Tiger ended up losing many of his endorsements.

While it is Erica Herman in the spotlight this weekend as Tiger Woods' new girlfriend, his most-recent ex is also getting some attention. Kristin Smith, who reportedly broke up with Tiger last year after he allegedly cheated on her, is now in a legal battle to get out of a non-disclosure agreement, the New York Post reported. While it wasn't clear exactly why she wanted out of the agreement, Smith could be free to share details from the relationship or Woods' alleged infidelity if she were out of it.